A Dark Night Arises For 'The Dark Knight'
July 20, 2012

UPDATE: A Dark Night Arises For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

redOrbit is joining in solidarity with Tim Tuttle of The New 93Q in Houston, TX, who had this to say on Facebook:

"It's pretty apparent that this spineless loser in Colorado decided to ambush & shoot unarmed, innocent people in order to gain fame & notoriety. The Q Morning Zoo has decided to take a stand and never utter his name on our show. Ever! From this day forward he will only be referred to as "The Aurora Gutless Coward." Sorry scumbag, but you don't get a movie or trading card for shooting a one year child in the back at point blank range. We respectfully ask our media bretheren to do the same. Perhaps lives can be saved if evil vermin know they will get no attention after commiting horrific atrocities."

Therefore, we have deleted our coverage and extend our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this horrendous tragedy.