Code Black Herbal Incense Products Test Negative, Do Not Contain Prohibited AM-2201 Synthetic Cannabinoid

July 20, 2012

Following analysis by an independent laboratory, all of Code Black´s herbal incense blends have tested negative for the soon-to-be prohibited AM-2201. Therefore, the company are delighted to announce that every product remains compliant with both current and pending changes to federal law.

Tustin, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2012

With new amendments to the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (formerly known as Senate Bill 3187) coming into effect on October 1st, the cannabinoid AM-2201 will be prohibited within the United States. Wanting to ensure that their products remain safe and legally compliant, Code Black Herbal Incense is making public its enrollment in the Herbal Incense Compliance Program.

Administered by Siegel Siegel & Wright, a Florida-based law firm, the program independently tests herbal incense and aromatherapy substances to gauge their compliance with both existing and pending changes to federal and local law.

The team at Code Black are delighted to announce that each of their blends has tested negative for any synthetic cannabinoids prohibited under current or pending federal law — thus declaring them both safe and legally compliant.

To strengthen their commitment to the safe and enjoyable use of herbal incense products, the company has obtained new opinion letters from their attorneys to demonstrate compliance.

“Our aromatherapy and spice incense products are neither marketed nor intended for sale to minors or for human consumption under any circumstances, whatsoever,” says a representative from Code Black.

He continues, “However, with the pending law changes we felt it was vital to make our compliance one hundred percent clear to both the general public and the authorities.”

The company is making copies of their signed attorney opinion letters available to anyone who wants to read them. In fact, the company is actively encouraging their customers to retain a copy for their own records.

“We want each and every one of our customers to have complete comfort and peace of mind when using our products. Therefore, we are being totally transparent with our proof of compliance and we encourage them to retain copies to ensure their continued enjoyment,” the company adds.

The company has also today reaffirmed their dedicated to providing customers with information about updates and changes to their jurisdiction laws.

“At Code Black we take pride in staying current with all herbal incense products. Tens of thousands of people have come to rely on the soothing effects of our rich and potent spice incense blends. Therefore, it´s our duty to remain informed and do all we can to serve our family of customers well into the future,” they conclude.

For more information on Code Black Spice Incense, please visit: http://www.codeblackincense.com

About Code Black Spice Incense:

Code Black Incense is committed to providing the finest quality herbal incense at the absolute lowest prices. The Code Black Herbal Blend continually strives to elevate your level of aromatic experience by working with a creative and skilled team, who use the highest quality raw materials to produce the very best legal herbal blends.

The company also operates a keen network of dedicated affiliates, a generous rewards program for their customers, and a reputable herbal incense wholesale program.

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