August 17, 2012

Safe Spider Spray: MyCleaningProducts Makes Effective Spider Repellant With Natural Ingredients

MyCleaningProducts is reinventing spider repellant as an organic solution. The company recently introduced its spider spray called Spider Bully that promises an effective and safe way to get rid of the arachnids.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 17, 2012

Spider spray is probably one of the most underestimated pest-control solutions. Many think that it is not really needed, so why purchase it? The fact is, spiders can also launch an infestation at homes. And without proper and immediate action, like other pests, they could also bring in loads of problems. But among the many solutions that can be purchased, MyCleaningProducts believes that its spider repellant is the best one.

Learn the Advantages of MyCleaningProducts' Non-Toxic Spider Spray

Generally, the species of spiders that are often seen in houses are not dangerous to humans. Nevertheless, their presence and their webs make a home look poorly maintained. Apart from, there is still the possibility that venomous spiders will take over a residence. And so basically, it's better to have a bed bug spray ready.

But then, not every spider repellant available makes the right choice. If not too expensive, many of the spider elimination products today are with harsh chemical ingredients that could endanger anybody's health exposed to it. With those harmful ingredients, in fact, even the environment is negatively affected because those elements are additional pollutants that worsen the state of the planet.

MyCleaningProducts asserted that an organic-based rust spray is therefore, the best that homeowners can get. However, it cleared that it also must be effective. So to provide the public with such a product, it formulated a spider repellant made with natural ingredients that it found from remote areas around the world.

See How MCP's Spider Repellant is Made Safe

And given that the solution is organic-based, it is basically non-toxic, which means that is safe for both the humans and the environment. While exposure to other spider sprays can cause headaches, dizziness and even breathing difficulties, MCP 's spider repellant does not present those health risks. It is classified as pesticide exempt as stated under FIFRA Section 25(b).

It named as Spider Bully, MCP assured that the product is also effective. And that, it added, can be backed up by its first users.

Additionally, Spider Bully also offers big savings. Apart from the fact that it is available in different volumes affordable for both homeowners and contractors, it is also 10x more concentrated than other spider sprays. That means users need a much lesser amount to cover one room making the product last longer than the others.

Prep Up for a Possible Spider Infestation. Get the Spider Bully Today

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