Battle Between Power Lines and Trees Can Be Won With Tree Service Including Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Planting Better Street Trees According to Giroud Tree and Lawn

August 17, 2012

The battle between trees and power lines is dividing many communities over preserving trees and maintaining uninterrupted electricity. The lights don´t have to go out in Philadelphia PA. Homeowners and municipalities can have a professional tree service evaluate street trees and take action with tree trimming, tree removal and planting more suitable street trees according to Giroud Tree and Lawn

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 17, 2012

A battle is raging between trees and power lines. It´s a tug of war between preserving trees and maintaining uninterrupted electricity. The lights don´t have to go out in Philadelphia PA. Homeowners and municipalities can have a professional tree service evaluate the trees consider options including tree trimming, hazardous tree removal and replanting with more suitable trees according to Giroud Tree and Lawn.        

The problem between street trees and power lines can be boiled down to trees planted decades ago that have outgrown the location and now put electric power in our communities at risk. The situation is forcing many communities to remove trees and perhaps change the character of a street forever.

“Tree lined streets add beauty to any neighborhood,” says Lou Giroud, President and ISA Certified Arborist, at Giroud Tree and Lawn. “Unfortunately, when the trees are growing around power lines, there is always a risk of trees causing power outages. While tree removal and line clearance are the easy short term solutions, there are several tree service actions that homeowners and communities can take to protect street trees and prevent power outages.”

When a homeowner or municipality becomes concerned about street trees near power lines, the first step is to have a professional tree service with ISA Certified Arborists check tree safety and health. If it´s determined that a tree is a hazard or at risk of causing damage, tree removal may be the only option. However, if a tree is found to be safe and healthy, then other options can be considered.

For street trees that are safe and healthy, tree trimming and cabling are excellent alternatives. Often line clearance focuses primarily on clearing trees away from wires. This can result in trees looking deformed, becoming structurally unsafe and opening the door for tree health issues.

Tree trimming by a professional tree service will clear limbs away from power lines and make every effort to preserve the beauty of the tree. Additionally, tree cabling can help to prevent trees with weak limbs or cracked trunks from splitting apart and causing damage.

Any tree service being performed near power lines should be done by professional crews who are EHAP certified to work around electrical hazards. As required by federal law for public safety , the tree service company will ask the local electric utility to shut off power until after the work has been is completed if the tree is located within 10 feet of the power lines.

An example of how a professional tree service handles both tree removal and tree trimming around power lines can be found in a video by Giroud Tree and Lawn at http://www.giroudtree.com/treetalk.

If tree removal is required, replanting can maintain a community´s natural beauty and greenspace. Homeowners and municipalities can replace lost trees with ones that are better suited to the location. The best replacement trees would be slow growers that mature to a height below wires and also tolerate street and drought conditions. Alternatively, new trees can be planted in other locations away from power lines.

The battle between trees and power lines can be won with replanting, tree trimming and tree removal by professional tree service companies certified to work around power lines. It´s the solution that preserves the community´s greenspace and natural beauty and ensures the lights stay lit when the next violent storm blows through Philadelphia.

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