Dental Company Announces New Offer Inspired by Ryan Lotche Olympic Teeth After New Reports Show Grills May Harm Teeth

August 24, 2012

Dental implant company, Dental Implants Toronto is announcing a new free report offer inspired by US swimmer and potential Bachelor contestant Ryan Lochte after reports were revealed showing the grills the swimmer sported during the 2012 London Olympics can be harmful to teeth.

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) August 23, 2012

After reports were issued showing that the grills US swimmer Ryan Lochte wore during the 2012 London Olympics could do potential permanent damage to teeth, Dental Implants Toronto announced a new free report offer to help educate the public on dental implants. The new offer was announced after studies showed that the United States flag grills that Lochte wore during the Olympics can cause serious damage and even cause teeth to fall out. The company hopes that by bringing attention to the dangers of these types of oral adornments that Lochte and many others use, that those who do lose their teeth from grills can get the help they need to get beautiful full looking teeth.

The United States swimmer and rumored potential candidate for the hit reality television show “The Bachelor” caused a great deal of controversy when he wore the grills during the 2012 Olympics. The new offer from Dental Implants Toronto, inspired by these grills and by poor dental choices that many celebrities are making, aims to help those who do damage their teeth get the permanent dental implants they need to restore their smile. The free report offer will feature detailed information on the different types of dental implant options, how they work, and which options suit different individuals best.

The new free offer from the dental implant company has launched on the company website and is available to any individual interested in getting professional insight into dental implants and how they work to restore people´s smiles. The company is hoping that those who have seen Ryan Lochte and other stars wear grills, will notice the dangers of these teeth fixtures and explore options to restore their smiles if they have been damaged by grills or other oral issues.

For more information on this new free report on dental implants and on the services provided by Dental Implants Toronto visit http://dentalimplantstoronto.org/.

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