SleepDisorders.com, Connecting Sleep Disorder Sufferers to Sleep Specialists

August 30, 2012

Individuals suffering from disturbed or troubled sleep can be at serious risk for long-term health issues. SleepDisorders.com aims to connect these individuals with local sleep specialists to help them get the treatment they deserve.

Irvine, California (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Keeping in mind the millions of Americans that suffer from sleep problems, SleepDisorders.com has developed a Question and Answer based community that brings sleep disorder sufferers closer to knowledgeable sleep specialists and reliable, accurate information. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 40 million Americans suffer from a long-term, chronic sleep disorder. What´s most frightening about these numbers is that a large percent of the individuals afflicted by a sleep disorder aren´t even aware of it. Luckily, SleepDisorders.com has been developed with the goal of increasing the ease of access to useful and medically accurate information regarding sleep disorders.

SleepDisorders.com is a network of sleep disorder specialists interacting with individuals who either know or suspect that they might be suffering from a sleep problem. The site allows individuals with sleep concerns to directly ask sleep disorder specialists any questions they might have regarding their sleep troubles. The questions will be sent to and answered by doctors from across the nation, meaning SleepDisorders.com users get multiple opinions and perspectives from highly qualified specialists.

In addition to interacting with doctors, individuals can also access a wealth of information regarding sleep disorder conditions, the symptoms associated with them, and the treatment options available. The most current news in the sleep disorder world is continually being posted to our “Recent Sleep News” section and is made available for individuals interested in keeping abreast of the world of sleep disorders. If you prefer not to read articles, SleepDisorders.com also has a repository of videos addressing some of the most commonly asked sleep trouble questions. The videos are all answered by doctors that are part of the SleepDisorders.com network, giving you the most highly informed answers and information possible.

“A sleep disorder can be an extremely disruptive force in the life of an individual. Not only does it make day to day functioning difficult, but can lead to serious long-term health complications.” SleepDisorders.com President Ali Jahangiri believes that, “the goal of SleepDisorders.com is to help raise awareness among individuals who may be suffering from a sleep disorder, but haven´t been officially diagnosed. We´d like to connect these individuals, as well as those with an existing diagnosis, to sleep specialists local to them, to help them get the treatment they deserve.”

Individuals who decide a sleep study is necessary, can use the free SleepDisorders.com “Doctor Finder” to locate sleep professionals near them. The nationwide network of sleep experts on SleepDisorders.com means that site users can rely on SleepDisorders.com to find a conveniently located doctor. If you´re a doctor who wishes to join the SleepDisorders.com network, contact SleepDisorders.com today to see how you can get started on one of the fastest growing sleep sites.

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