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September 4, 2012

50 Shades Of Purple: The Quick Guide To Gettin’ It On

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

There have been numerous studies about the effects of colors on our moods, as well as the associations we have with different hues.

According to some studies, every color has some sort of effect on us, causing us to feel a certain way or think about a certain thing.

One of the most often cited examples of this kind of color association is the red-and-yellow combo of McDonalds. Rumor has it Mickey D´s chose this mix because it was the most unsettling combination, ensuring people would come, eat their burger and leave, keeping a steady flow of customers coming in and out. Red is also said to stimulate the appetite while yellow is said to be associated with warmth and happiness.

I know what you´re thinking“¦ is there a color association with gettin´ it on?

Why, yes! According to a new British survey (those randy Brits“¦) couples who frequented bedrooms painted purple were more likely to get down to business than those who slept in, say, a beige room, or even a grey room.

Some of you may have Grey on the brain, and according to this survey, those with Grey rooms had sex just over once a week on average.

However, those with the regal and royal color of purple painted on their bedroom walls were found to engage in amorous activities more than 3 times a week, on average.

British online retailer conducted the study of more than 2,000 adults who answered questions about their surroundings whenever they engage in coitus. Purple, Red and Sky Blue topped the list of the colors most likely to get you in the mood. Red walled lovers had sex an average of 3.18 times a week, while Sky Blue walls earned their owners a randy reward 3.14 times a week.

The type of material you sleep on can also put your partner in the mood for doing it, according to the LittleWoods survey.

In fact, according to these results, the killer combo here is silk sheets in a purple room. Perhaps sky blue sheets in a purple room?

Littlewoods shoppers with silk sheets said they were able to score over 4 times a week, (4.35, to be exact) while those with a duvet only talked their lovers into making their dreams come true just over once a week, on average.

These are simple averages, of course, and taken from a small sample of one online retailer´s customers. On the other hand, these numbers could be rather promising to anyone trying to spice up their love life or simply convince a date to stay over for the night.

However, according to the comments on sites like the Daily Mail, Glamour, and the Mirror, results are mixed at best. One commenter who goes by the name “RedQueen26” writes, “I have pink (soon to be purple) walls, and purple silk sheets. BF has sky blue walls and silk sheets. I can confirm that [what] they're saying is true. ;)”

Another commenter by the name of “Magenta” writes, “Our room is Grey and after two kids and six years of marriage we still manage five times a week lol ,there is no way we are an exception to the rule, where do they get this info from ??”

Finally, a “Karen” shares some cause for concern, saying, “Oh dear. I have a green room but my Mum and Dad (in their early seventies) have a red room!”

Those LittleWoods shoppers with green rooms only got lucky 1.89 times a week on average.

Though these results are interesting, I can´t help but ask the obvious question: How does one have sex 3.49 times a week? Is one partner left hanging once a week?