Bird Barrier Products Rid a Public Library of Pest Birds

September 9, 2012

A public library branch had been plagued for years by pigeons roosting and nesting on the property. Both the mess they left behind and their increasing population prompted residents in the surrounding neighborhood to register complaints with the city. The installation of Bird Barrier products drove away birds while maintaining the aesthetic of the library’s unique architecture.

Carson, CA (PRWEB) September 09, 2012

Site inspection revealed that a previous attempt a bird control was made, but the birds just moved to another area. Frames were constructed to net off the HVAC units on the roof. StealthNet successfully excluded the birds from the equipment, but they began roosting on the framework itself. It was determined that the best solution for this part of the property was to install Bird-Shock Flex-Track on the horizontal surfaces of the framework. By adding weighted cable to the base perimeter of the StealthNet, installers were able to maximize its efficacy. Additionally, Flex-Track was installed along the parapet. Solar chargers power this humane, but effective deterrent system.

The most challenging part of this job was maintaining the building´s aesthetic. The library´s facade has a unique architectural feature consisting of several rows of metal panels. The configuration of these panels offers numerous surfaces that created an ideal environment for birds to roost that had not been addressed during the first attempt at bird-proofing the building. The main casualty was the section of windows behind the panels; they were covered in bird droppings that could be seen from both the exterior and interior of the building. The precise placement of net anchors and perimeter cable along the metal panels creates a taut installation of StealthNet that preserves the appearance of this architectural attribute.

Deterring birds from the entire area was the ultimate goal, but diverting birds from open areas has long been a challenge for bird control installers. The installers observed that the birds were approaching the property from the south. They decided that protecting the area would best be achieved by installing Eagle Eye visual deterrents along the south side of the roof.

The Eagle Eye´s metal pyramid rotates reflecting sunlight in a pattern that irritates birds and causes them to change their flight pattern away from the beams. The Eagle Eyes are powered with solar panels.

Effective bird control depends not only on the right products, but proper installation techniques as well. Bird Barrier provides training to pest management professionals that allows them to be successful. Bird Barrier is America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of humane, discreet bird control products.

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