A Book Called “Abby’s Secret Abyss”

September 25, 2012

This book could not be released at a better time. Everyone is now turning to authors with experience on child sexual abuse for answers and “Abby’s Secret abyss” give exactly that. One of the latest book release based on a true story of the author.

Blackwood, NJ (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

The constant chain of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse creates an abyss inside her. Abby (short for abyss), now a grown woman, decides to tell it all while healing and pulling her true self out of this abyss in hopes of living a new and happy life.

“Vigor, a woman she knows has a great purpose in life, but was always trapped, bumped into Abby one day and after speaking briefly with her wanted to write and speak of Abby´s story in hopes of helping her get pass her damaged childhood. Vigor knew her destiny was always to help young girls, but exposing the every instances and secrets of a young girl´s never-ending sexual, physical, and verbal abuse leading into womanhood was far from her mind.”

This book brings tears, anger and then joy. it will take you through the stages of what happens in the life and minds of children who have been victims of abuse, why they keep it a secret, how they deal with it then, and how it affects their lives now.

The book is based on the true life story of the author who has been through several different issue of abuses by her family as a child, a teenager, and a young adult.

The author stated that reading this book brings awareness and leaves no choice but to look around and in search of secrets a child could be keeping out of fear or shame.

The book then exposes a deep twist, its reader read in hopes of figuring out this twist as well.

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