Women’s Love and Relationship Expert, Heather Hans, Reveals Little Known Ways to Attract True Love

October 3, 2012

Leader of Love, and women´s love and relationship expert Heather Hans, reveals how women can go from neediness to confidence in order to have healthy love relationships and abundance in their lives.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

As she prepares for her upcoming “First-Class Love” workshop in Boulder, CO on November 11, 2012, Love Coach and Psychotherapist, Heather Hans is offering help and a free 20-min strategy session for women looking for success in the World of Love.

Hans knows what makes a passionate, healthy, and soulful relationship with oneself, the Divine, and a partner. Many women unconsciously repel love the love they seek by being needy. If you answer “yes” to any of her five questions below, you are blocking love and abundance to flow into your life and maybe inhibiting your own needs to find a meaningful relationship.

1.) Do you excessively seek the opinions of others, and constantly second-guess yourself? The more you learn to trust your own power and intuition, the more you will become a magnet for love.

2.) Do you spend more talking about yourself and thinking of what you want & what is missing you´re your life than you spend learning from others and feeling grateful for the abundance in your life right now? Self-absorption keeps a wall around you that does not allow new energy to enter.

3.) Are you a people-pleaser? People-pleasing is the biggest form of neediness that plagues women. People can sense when you are trying to please them in order to get approval, and it repels them and leaves you feeling even needier. When you are authentic and true to yourself, you will gain respect from others, and a deep sense of self-worth, a sure way to attract love.

4.) Do you allow yourself to receive gifts, compliments, and blessings in your life or do you feel the need to repay the source and make an excuse to deflect the compliment? Women who are needy and have low self-worth attempt to control others by being the giver. In order to receive love, you must show your vulnerability, which means letting go of image management. Show the universe that you are grateful for its love and that you welcome more be receiving with gratitude.

5.) Do you settle for less than you desire in love, work, money, and health? Settling means that you feel the need to grasp whatever is immediately available because you don´t think you can have more. In addition to narrow-minded thinking, this belief implies a sense of lack and neediness on your behalf. As you believe and act, so shall you receive.

Call Heather today for a complimentary 20-minute strategy session where she will reveal three things you are doing to repel love and what you can do to change it. For more information and updates on passionate, healthy, and soulful relationships like Heather on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

About Heather Hans

Heather Hans, LSW, MSW, CPIC, MSBA specializes in helping women create extraordinary love in their lives. Heather is dedicated to the highest form of compassionate healing, combing her professional knowledge, ethical leadership and spiritual nurturance to serve the community. She leads therapeutic and educational workshops and serves clients in her private practice. For more information visit http://www.heatherhans.com/.

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