CariFree Launches New Caries Management System that Decreases Decay Rates in Patients by 74%

October 11, 2012

CariFree’s new Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) system is helping doctors easily and efficiently treat their patients, reducing the incidents of decay without ever lifting a drill. CariFree and CAMBRA, the smart way to stop decay.

Albany, OR (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

Dental decay (caries) was recently reported by the CDC to be at epidemic levels in America’s youth. It stated that 28% of children age 2-5 have decay in their baby teeth and 50% of our youth show signs of the disease before they reach the 5th grade. What is the long-term impact of this infection? Last year alone 52,000 school hours were lost and research shows a significant link between the oral bacterial imbalance and systemic issues like heart disease.

In response, a small but smart caries research company has launched a new and improved caries management system. Based on the approach developed and validated by Dr. John Featherstone called Careis Management by Risk Assessment or CAMBRA, CariFree has launched a practical and extremely effective system of caries management that is capable of reducing the incidence of carious lesions by 74%.

CAMBRA is rooted in a medical model of risk assessment. It requires the dental professional to assess specific risk factors for the disease and then develop a personalized treatment plan to help lower the patient’s risk. The process of assessment and treatment has historically been complicated and suited more to the academic sphere, where practitioner time was not a consideration. However, with the launch of CariFree´s smart approach, CAMBRA can now be effectively done in less than 10 minutes. Dr. Frances Engler states: “With your new CRA form and guide it is so easy to educate our patients about CAMBRA and does not require a lot of extra time.”

The treatment options for patients come in easy to use professional home-care kits that provide the patient a 3 month supply of product. Each kit is designed to address the specific risk factors of the patient. Together the system and the 3 month kits makes CariFree the best CAMBRA has to offer.

CAMBRA works, because it´s different. As Dr. Ryan Swain states: “One of my top priorities as a dentist is to help my patients win their battle against caries and the CariFree system is designed for just that! With CariFree we can objectively measure the caries risk and treat it appropriately. Caries prevention isn´t just about telling my patients to “brush better” anymore. I feel more like a doctor and less like a broken record.”

CariFree is a caries research company founded by Dr. V. Kim Kutsch. Dr. Kutsch has dedicated his life to the research of dental caries and is a world renowned mind on the subject. Dr. Kutsch is an author of the recent release Balance: A guide for managing dental caries for patients and practitioners. He practices dentistry in Albany Oregon.

For more information on the CariFree system please go to http://www.carifree.com or call 866.928.4445 for a consult. Dr. Kutsch´s book can be purchased for $24.95 plus shipping from Amazon or http://www.balancebook.com/, or for the Kindle edition for 9.95 at http://amzn.to/SYFLM1.


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