Get A Free Electronic Cigarette: E Cigarette Trend On The Rise In Hollywood

October 21, 2012

Nicotine addiction is one of the major challenges smokers face when trying to kick the habit. In its support, http://electroniccigarettehub.org is distributing free electronic cigarette starter kits under its try before buy campaign.

(PRWEB) October 20, 2012

Mandy, from Addlestone was a heavy smoker but she managed to quit the habit even after smoking half a million cigarettes with the help of electronic cigarettes.

She says, “I lost my daughter in 2008 and since then my son has been particularly worried about losing me to a smoking related disease. He looked up the health implications of being a heavy smoker and kept asking me to stop, so two months ago I took the plunge and switched to electronic cigarettes. My son is much happier as he knows I´m no longer inhaling any tar or tobacco and I´m fitter and better off than before. I´ve tried to quit five or six times before and tried everything from patches to pills, but with no success. I haven´t touched a real cigarette ever since.

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The trend of using e cigarettes is on the rise, especially amongst those who want to quit smoking. One of the main reasons the use of e cigarettes are on the rise is due to the fact that they do not have any tobacco in them; thus they are very effective as alternatives to smoking or as means of quitting smoking. Electric cigarettes are similar to conventional cigarettes in terms of look and feel and produce vapors as well. But the greatest advantage is that upon exhalation, these e cigs produce just water vapors and do not cause second-hand smoke or suffocation to nearby people or non-smokers.

Hollywood, is a great example that has been adapting to this new trend which ultimately. And by only seeing them, a lot of people have already quit smoking and started using electric cigarettes. Although, not a lot is known about using these smokeless cigarettes, Richard O’Connor, associate professor of oncology in the Department of Health Behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute said, “They may be helpful to some people.”

Electric cigarettes, battery powered devices that mimic to users the sensation of smoking real cigarettes has been grabbing a lot of tobacco smokers´ attention. All smokeless cigarette starter kits have a lifetime guarantee and contain:

  •     Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  •     Steel Atomizer
  •     Nicotine Cartridges
  •     Wall Charger plus an USB Charger
  •     Gift Box
  •     Hassle-free Start Manual

What should remain crucial here is the health safety of smokers who would like to stop smoking. If for this reason alone, the government should give their support to e cig manufacturers. After all, they are successfully doing what no other product has promised to do: letting people stub out that cigarette stick for good.

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