CariFree Launches CTx: a Ground-Breaking Product Line Changing the Way Dentists Treat Tooth Decay

October 24, 2012

CariFree CTx; the genius guide to anti-cavity products.

Albany, OR (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

The global toothpaste market is set to reach 12.5 billion dollars by 2015. As a consumer it is difficult to make truly informed choices about which products will treat a particular condition most effectively. Patients rely on their dental professional to both explain the differences between products and then make recommendations based on their experience. Often this conversation is challenging as the science of dental caries is complex and the options for treatment are vast.

In an effort to give patients and dentists an easy way to discuss anti-cavity treatments, a small but smart caries research company has launched a system that is a true game-changer. It is called CTx (Caries Treatment) and is comprised of a simple scoring rubric that can be applied to any anti-caries product on the market.

CariFree is a caries research company founded by Dr. V. Kim Kutsch, bio-chemist, inventor, and practicing dentist for 30 years. This organization focuses only on caries research and offers some of the most advanced products on the market. With CariFree’s genius system, a product’s true greatness can be identified in a matter of seconds.

The scoring rubric is based on the 5 key therapy agents that are effective in managing dental caries. Those 5 elements are:

1.    pH Neutralization: Reduces growth and acid production of cariogenic bacteria (these are the bad guys that cause the actual mineral loss in the teeth) and supports healthy oral bacteria growth.

2.    Antibacterial: Significantly reduces total bacteria levels when high levels are identified and need to be moderated.

3.    Fluoride: Aids in remineralization (enamel reproduction) and inhibits acid production of cariogenic bacteria.

4.    Xylitol: A 5 carbon sugar that reduces growth and acid production of cariogenic bacteria.

5. Nano HA (Ca PO4): Aids in remineralization with nano particles of hydroxyapatite.

Any anti-caries product can be assessed for quality and effectiveness based on the number of treatment components they contain. CariFree has also developed a visual guide called the Caries Treatment Guide (CTx Guide) to use as a reference.

Now when discussing the difference between product X and product Y a doctor or patient can assess the product´s contents and give each a CTx score. If product X is a ℠whitening paste with fluoride´ it is a CTx1 (it contains 1 of the 5 components). If product Y contains fluoride, xylitol and is a pH of 9 it is a CTx3. When one product is a 1 and the other is a 3, the difference becomes clear. Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS says: “Having used the Carifree, and now the CTx, system since its inception, I can attest that it is an incredible adjunct to a caries prevention program. With proper patient compliance, phenomenal results can be obtained, and I could not practice without it.”

CariFree has applied this genius system to every product they carry. Each bottle and tube is labeled with its CTx information making the content identification quick and easy. The new CariFree CTx line is so intuitive it makes product conversations both efficient and effective.

The CTx system levels the playing field. It removes the distractions of shiny packaging and marketing gimmicks and simply allows products stand on their quality alone. The new CTx Guide offers the doctor the opportunity to have a quick but smart conversation with patients and allows you, smart-guy standing aisle 11, a genius framework by which to make your purchasing decision.

For more information on the CTx system and the CariFree CTx product line visit: http://www.carifree.com

For a comprehensive resource on managing dental caries for patients and practitioners, pick up a copy of Dr. V. Kim Kutch´s latest book Balance at http://www.balancebook.com.

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