Dogington Post Petitions Obama Administration to “Stop Killing Snoopy”

December 8, 2012

Despite evidence that beagles aren´t reliable test subjects, every day tens of thousands of these dogs are subjected to a multitude of laboratory tests ranging from experimenting with new drugs and medical procedures to testing of consumer products. Dogington Post petitions the Obama administration to outlaw this inhumane practice.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Medical schools and laboratories routinely use, harm, and kill dogs for research experiments. Researches use these dogs to test a wide range of subjects from cancer and transplantation to human drugs, food additives, beauty products, and even industrial chemicals.

According to the New England Anti-Vivisection Society, Animals are genetically different than humans, and are therefore proven to be poor models for human disease research. Yet laboratories continue to use them for research.

“Nearly 70,000 beagles are killed every year in the name of research,” said Brandy Arnold, Content Editor for Dogington Post. “Research that is often cruel and painful for these animals, and then it delivers unreliable results. It needs to stop.”

The site launched an initiative to bring mass awareness to the public about research testing that is being done on beagles.

“We are shocked at how many people are just not aware that this is happening,” said Arnold. “But we aren´t surprised by the outrage they feel when we inform them about it.”

As part of the Dogington Post´s “Stop Killing Snoopy” campaign, the site published articles and videos showing the suffering of the Beagles used in laboratory research.

The site also published the story of Bogart, a beagle who was saved from a research lab, and shared his struggles with adjusting to life outside of a cage.

Also part of the campaign was an infographic demonstrating some of the common testing that is performed on laboratory research beagles.

The biggest part of the Dogington Post´s campaign to save beagles from research, however, is their Whitehouse.gov petition. It is a plea to the Obama Administration asking to Ban the Inhumane Use and Killing of Beagles for Medical, Scientific, and Consumer Product Research.

Dogington Post shared their petition with their readers and social media following and asks that everyone sign and share the petition to spread the word.

If the petition receives it´s goal of 25,000 signatures by January 2, 2013, it will receive an official White House response.

“Together we can effect change,” said Arnold. “There are other, more viable, alternatives to testing on animals. We need to get this petition signed and see what the current Administration is willing to do about it. 12,000 people signed a petition asking for the White House beer recipe and they answered it! We are hopeful this will have an impact if we can just get enough people on board with us.”

For more information about Dogington Post and their efforts to stop the slaughter of Beagles in America, visit http://dogingtonpost.com.

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