Sigma Gaming Solutions LLC Releases a New iPhone App that Uses Statistical Analysis to Improve Blackjack Results for Recreational Players

December 13, 2012

Blackjack Toolbox helps players win more often by calculating a realistic game plan–the right-size bankroll, how long to play, how much to bet, when to leave–and by teaching players the basic game skills needed to win.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

Sigma Gaming Solutions has released its first app, Blackjack Toolbox, designed to help recreational Blackjack players who enjoy the game but are tired of losing. The app runs on the iOS family of devices including iPhone and iPad.

According to the app’s developers, “Players in Nevada lose almost $1 billion a year at Blackjack. This is four times the total predicted by any fair analysis of the odds; 80% of this is from poor play–coming to the tables with an inadequate bankroll, betting erratically, not knowing when to leave–and 20% is from poor Basic Strategy skills (by-the-odds play) and uninformed table-picking (lowering the house edge).”

“Once these problems are addressed,” they claim, “players have a fighting chance to win as luck works exactly the same for them as for the casinos.”

Blackjack Toolbox is not a Blackjack video game nor does it promote edge-play like card counting or “higher return” betting methods. In fact, the 30-page Guide included with the app advises the recreational player to avoid these and instead return to the game’s basics. The app supports this advice with six simple tools: Calculator, Card Maker, Teacher, Simulator, Recorder, and Guide. Some assist the player in calculating house edge; others help with Basic Strategy (knowing when to hit, stand, double, split, surrender…); and others show how to manage cash-at-risk.

“A few hours with Blackjack Toolbox and an iPhone by the casino’s pool can save a casual player a lot of money at the tables.”

The heart of the tool-set is Calculator, which allows the player to enter known data points (e.g. table odds, Basic Strategy skill level, bet size, hours of play“¦) and compute a game-plan which includes, minimum bankroll required and the win-loss (leave-the-game) limits. These oracle-like predictions are the result of behind-the-scenes statistical analysis, mostly standard deviation, working within a margin-of-error set by the player.

“Recreational players want to be entertained,” claim the developers. “They have little interest in dedicating themselves to card-counting, learning weird betting schemes, understanding wonky mathematical analyses, or wading through a mountain of Blackjack lies and half-truths. This is where Blackjack Toolbox can help. A reasonably competent Blackjack player should expect to lose no more than $2 for every $100 bet over the long run and should expect to have an exciting (i.e. a winning) night almost half the time. That’s our goal.”

The app sells for $3.99 on the iTunes App Store under the name “Blackjack Toolbox.” More information and links are found on the product´s website, http://www.BlackjackToolbox.com.

Sigma Gaming Solutions LLC is a New York City-based company that builds mobile apps for recreational gamblers in need of portable decision support. Contact Jim Caldarella, Director of Content at 646-284-5252 or at jim(dot)caldarella(at)gmail(dot)com.

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