Lupron Therapy Now Available at Women’s Excellence in Endometriosis in Southeastern Michigan; Provides Successful Medical Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain

January 5, 2013

Endometriosis is a leading cause of chronic pelvic pain (CPP) in women. Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis has a comprehensive program to treat this troubling disease that includes Lupron therapy.

(PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Successful management of endometriosis requires both medical and surgical intervention. Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis has been able to provide successful treatment for endometriosis using Lupron for the medical treatment of endometriosis. Dr. Jonathan Zaidan and Debbie Henry, NP-C, have collaborated to help patients through a challenging therapy that has a high degree of success.

According to Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, founder and physician of Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis, “Once the patient has a definitive diagnosis of endometriosis via laparoscopy, typically we prescribe a regimen of Lupron therapy for 6 months. After Lupron, we can then resect remaining disease via the Da Vinci Robotic procedure. The results have been nothing short of amazing.” Lupron is a monthly injection which basically puts the patient into medical menopause. Hence, the patient should cease to have a menstrual period after the second month, giving the body a rest from the production of more disease. The body´s immune system can then “clean” up what it can prior to the robotic procedure.

Debbie Henry, NP-C, nurse practitioner at Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis, has a unique role at the center — to keep patients on the therapy for 6 months. According to Henry, “Menopause isn´t fun for the patient at any age. Some women struggle with post-menopausal symptoms during the therapy and my job is to help them manage those symptoms. I´m here to give them help sometimes in the form of add back hormone therapy or just lend an ear and be a friend. We get very close to our patients during therapy.” With the addition of Henry to the center, patients are less likely to drop out of therapy and are more likely to have a successful outcome. “Before Debbie, all we had was hope that patients would stick with the therapy. Now we have confidence that they will get to the final surgery and achieve the best possible outcome”, Zaidan added.

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, Women’s Excellence in Endometriosis is a comprehensive center for women that have either been diagnosed with endometriosis or have the symptoms of endometriosis. Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis utilizes the latest and best treatment protocols to effectively treat the symptoms and sequelae of endometriosis. Whether a woman has known endometriosis or seeking a diagnosis for symptoms of painful intercourse, painful periods, chronic pelvic pain or irregular bleeding, Women’s Excellence in Endometriosis is designed to diagnose, treat and improve the symptoms of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain (CPP). Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis treats all women with these symptoms including those women in the teenage years, women who desire having a child or children, as well as women who are done with their childbearing. The knowledgeable, well trained, compassionate physicians and healthcare providers of Women´s Excellence in Endometriosis are now accepting new patients. Call for an appointment today (248) 693-1630 or visit http://www.centerofendometriosis.com.

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