Divorcing a Narcissist: One Mom’s Battle by Tina Swithin (Book Release)

January 9, 2013

Narcissistic Personality Disorder has continued to garner increased media attention over the past year. While many experts have weighed in on the topic of narcissism, we have yet to hear from a survivor – until now.

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Divorcing a Narcissist- One Mom´s Battle” -Due to several high-profile divorce cases such as Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley, Narcissistic Personality Disorder has continued to garner increased media attention over the past year. While many experts have weighed in on the topic of narcissism, we have yet to hear from a survivor – until now. In her new book, “Divorcing a Narcissist- One Mom´s Battle,” Tina Swithin gives readers an insider´s perspective and comprehensive understanding of what it´s like to date a narcissist, marry a narcissist and ultimately, the intense struggle to divorce a narcissist. This is an inspirational, first-hand account of a mother who has been fighting a legal battle to protect her two young daughters since 2009. Tina Swithin is a “warrior mom” who has gained international attention in 2012 by documenting her mission through her prolific and engaging blog, “One Mom´s Battle.”

Book Excerpt from Author, Tina Swithin:

“I was swept off my feet in May of 2000 by a modern day Prince Charming. We married shortly after and I soon discovered that there was something seriously wrong with my fairytale. My marriage was filled with lies, deception, fraud and lots of tears. I was left in an utter state of confusion wondering who this man was. This wasn´t the man that I married“¦or was it? I first heard the term, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” from a therapist in 2008 but I quickly dismissed the implication that there might be something wrong with my husband. It took several years for me to begin researching the disorder and suddenly, the past ten years of my life made complete sense. There is only one thing more difficult than being married to a narcissist and that is divorcing a narcissist.”

Current Endorsements:

Foreword by world renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman.

Back Cover Endorsements:

It was an absolute honor for me to meet Tina Swithin. Every day, Tina is helping women get through a painful period of their life. Last night after my Broadway show, I was greeted at the stage door by a woman who gave me her divorce papers to autograph. I asked her if she was ok and a flood of tears quickly ensued. I understood. I suggested that she look up, “One Mom´s Battle” and that she would find support and great advice to help her get through divorcing a narcissist. Thank you, Tina for creating a wonderful resource to share!!!! -Christie Brinkley, Actress and Supermodel

This is an important book with a compelling personal story by Tina Swithin. A must-read for anyone dealing with a narcissistic personality in a love relationship or in a divorce. As a family law attorney, I have observed this dynamic first-hand in divorce and custody cases. The narcissist spouse thrives on high conflict and will play out this dysfunction both inside and outside the legal system for years. These cases are pervasive, insidious and difficult for everyone–the spouse, the children, the lawyers, the court staff, the judge, and even the mental health professionals who are brought in to help. Because of the nature of the personality disorder, the narcissist can appear perfectly normal and be hard to identify and diagnose. Tina Swithin is living testimony that it is possible to meet this dysfunction head-on and to take proactive legal and practical measures to protect the children and bring the truth to light. What I found most compelling about Tina´s story is that she has not just survived these battles but has grown personally and spiritually from her struggle. Her book is as much about her emotional/mental health journey as it is about her legal saga. Through her writing, blog and public education campaign, Tina reaches out to individuals and professionals dealing with this disorder. Her story provides valuable information as well as inspiration and hope. -Alison L. Patton, Esq., Attorney and Mediator, Author of LemonadeDivorce.com, contributor to Huffington Post

More about Tina Swithin

Tina Swithin is the newest blogger for the Huffington Post Divorce where she shares her advice for dealing with narcissistic personality disorder during divorce. Tina´s blog, “One Mom´s Battle” has been featured in the Huffington Post, Washington Times, Examiner.com, Yahoo and About.com among many others. Tina has survived a Category Five Divorce Hurricane and resides in sunny California with her fiancé and two daughters.

Media Contact:

Tina Swithin (805) 365-5028


Tina is available for interviews or guest blogging opportunities. Tina is also interested in outlets who would like to do book reviews on, “Divorcing a Narcissist”. Please contact Tina directly at tina(at)onemomsbattle(dot)com. You can also find her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/onemomsbattle

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