KB RACKING’s Mounting Systems can Decrease the Snow Load on your Building, Independent Study Shows

January 11, 2013

RWDI recently conducted a study of the effect solar mounting systems, specifically those of KB RACKINGs, have on the snow loads on flat rooftop buildings. The findings showed that the AeroRack and EkonoRack systems decreased the overall volume and weight of snow on a roof.

(PRWEB) January 10, 2013

Weight restrictions are one of the greatest challenges rooftop solar installers are facing today. In northern regions, design snow loads can lead to weight restrictions becoming an even greater hurdle. This understanding led KB RACKING to produce AeroRack, the lightest non-penetrating mounting system on the market. KB RACKING’s rooftop systems have gone through extensive engineering analysis and testing to supply lasting products that perform in all weather conditions. To further their product analysis, KB RACKING has recently sourced Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. (RWDI) to conduct an independent, state of the art study investigating the effect solar arrays, using KB RACKING’s mounting systems, have on the design snow loads of flat rooftops.

The study found that when KB RACKING’s AeroRack or EkonoRack mounting systems are installed on a roof, it decreases the overall volume of snow. Additionally, the heat emitted from the solar panels has a melting effect that causes a further decrease in the total weight of snow. The aerodynamic design therefore prevents snow from accumulating under and beside the system, while allowing for the panels to melt snow on their surfaces. Information for this study was compiled using both physical modeling of snow drifting processes with an open channel water flume methodology, and RWDI´s Finite Area Element (FAE) simulation method.

In the case of the Greater Toronto Area, the reduction of snow volume and weight is between 7 – 14% depending on the tilt angle of the panel and the inter-row spacing of the system. KB RACKING’s COO Peter Aulich comments on the results of RWDI’s study, “These findings are great news for solar installers in colder climates. By accounting for these snow load reductions, we can now offer our customers solutions for their rooftops that were previously unable to support solar arrays”. For more information on KB RACKING’s flat roof mounting systems visit http://www.kbracking.com.

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