HOAConnections Continues To Innovate and Improve Their HOA Website Offerings

January 26, 2013

In an effort to remain at the top of the homeowner association website offerings, HOAConnections Inc. announced a completely revamped homeowner forums function to their hoa websites. The new forums make communication between homeowners easier and more intuitive.

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) January 26, 2013

HOAConnections announced a major step forward today with the introduction of their new and improved homeowner forums, which vastly improves the ease of communication between homeowners. Brian Barrett, president of HOAConnections, said that the task of integrating the new forums functionality into all their existing homeowner association websites will take some time, but the added benefits far exceeded the time invested to bring this functionality to all their clients.

Previous renditions of the association websites included a homeowners forum function, but it was not utilized because it was not intuitive. Homeowners felt that their hoa website should have functionality that closely resembled many of the most popular forums on the web today. Homeowners want the ability to easily choose the forums and topics of discussion in which they participate. Moreover, homeowners wanted the ability to easily reply to threads of conversation and/or create their own topics for conversation within a given homeowner association forum. Responding with a complete overhaul of their hoa website forums, HOAConnections set out to make their user forums more user friendly and intuitive. By allowing sticky notes and super sticky notes moderators can now mark certain topics to remain at the top for displaying important messages. Homeowners can now easily reply to or post comments concerning certain topics in line with the current topics and also have the ability to embed images, YouTube videos and more multi-media than before. In previous iterations of the HOA websites, it was very difficult to create a new forum topic, but that is all history. The new and improved homeowner association forums allow homeowners to create new topics easily and keep tabs on the conversation with quick displays of who’s reading and who’s responding on any given topic within the forums. The new streamlined interface is a welcome change and is being received will by the associations currently using HOAConnections for the HOA website solutions.

Homeowner associations have an ever increasing pool of businesses to choose from when it comes to selecting their HOA website provider. HOAConnections has seen their market share steadily increase over the past year by continuing to innovate and improve their HOA websites; while offering their services at a price that leaves their competition struggling to catch up. If your association is looking for a new hoa website or is looking to improve upon what they currently have, then visit HOAConnections at http://www.hoaconnections.com or call toll free 888-208-8454.

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