Birth Center Expands, Midwifery Illegal a Few Miles Away

February 6, 2013

Carolina Community Maternity Center, a midwife run company, has completed an expansion despite the fact that midwives can be arrested for practicing a few miles down the road.

(PRWEB) February 06, 2013

Just a few miles down the road from this birth center, midwifery is illegal. Amazingly, anyone can have a home birth in North Carolina they just can´t have a midwife to assist, that would be illegal. It´s no wonder that this facility right across the border in South Carolina is doing so well. The birth center is run exclusively by midwives and is growing from the tremendous demand for their services.

The Carolina Community Maternity Center has completed an expansion that includes four new prenatal rooms, three new birth rooms, a new classroom, and more expanded office space. For ladies that want to try water therapy or perhaps would like a water birth, three of the new birth rooms include fully functional jacuzzi whirlpool tubs. This is a huge upgrade from the prior facility that had two bedrooms, and two prenatal rooms. The facility fully expanded covers over 6,000 square feet of very homey and comfortable living space.

According to one of the birth center partners and active midwife, “The new expansion is gorgeous and will attract all kinds of new clientele. Plus the new classroom, for our various classes, is strategically positioned that it will in no way affect anyone in active labor.”

Because expectant mothers are not attached to any monitors or wires, the midwives at CCMC allow all their moms to move freely throughout the birth center during labor. Without the administration of an IV, she´s allowed to eat or drink whenever she likes. Perhaps, a little water therapy or massage to help relaxation can ease the process for an expecting mother, if she so chooses.

Babies and mommies can relax in the knowledge that episiotomies, forceps, Caesarian Sections and mind/body altering drugs that effect mom and/or baby are not on the agenda. The relaxing environment and attentive midwives has allowed for a 98% vaginal birth success rate during the first year of the center. The beautiful experience of birth is simply a regular process that most any mom is naturally built to handle and, is quite evident when you walk through the newly expanded building.

With all the recent upgrades to the birth center, the most effective is the state of the art nursery which has absolutely no monitors, wires, or disturbing noises, the nursery is called “Mommy.” Mothers can hold their babies immediately following birth, this allows a wonderful, immediate bond which aids in nursing and builds a quick and healthy dependency.

The okay to open the new wing of the birth center comes from South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control in several days. Once the expansion has been approved Carolina Community Maternity Center will release an official statement.

We encourage everyone to come by and take a tour! It´s well worth the short drive across the border.

If you would like more information on the Carolina Community Maternity Center or any of the many things CCMC offers please call for an appointment, the birth center and midwives at CCMC are there to help.

Lisa Johnson

Licensed Midwife of CCMC

Serving the Greater Charlotte, Fort Mill area

Office: 803-802-9494

Fax: 877-802-1901

Birth Center Midwife

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