“She spent 8 years, trying to convince me to get married” – A Story of Unconditional Love to be Featured at the Film Festival

March 29, 2013

A story of unconditional friendship is one of the many touching stories featured in a documentary about love and relationships. Matchmaker Hellen Chen’s real-life stories of helping couples will get showcased again at the Oakland International Film Festival.

National (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

Cecilia H is a successful executive who is both competent and independent. She is well-loved by co-workers and well-liked by her customers. She thought she has everything that she could ever hope for – until she met a nosy matchmaker.

The “nosy matchmaker” is none other than matchmaker extraordinaire Hellen Chen, who has helped more than 100 singles, especially those who had been skeptical about marriage, to nod their heads to say “I do.”

“I felt there was nothing wrong about being single. It is not a crime. Besides, I have known too many bad stories of marriage from the people around me. Why would I want to get into it?” Said a skeptical Cecilia, who had thought being single for the rest of her life would be an option she was willing to take.

Chen, with a pure intention of simply wanting Cecilia to experience love which she never have had before and not be closing the doors completely, started to talk as a friend to Cecilia about marriage — only to be met with resistance as strong as armor plates.

What ensued was a lengthy 8-year persuasion on the subject, with rejection at every turn.

Chen’s story of helping real-life couples who had skepticism about marriage and couples who are on the verge of separation caught the attention of an award-winning director Wuna Wu.

With a camera in hand – reality-TV style, Wu followed Chen to capture the maverick matchmaker in action. The result is a full-length award-winning documentary — the first-ever documentary about love — played in international film festivals garnering critical reviews and becoming a huge audience favorite.

The story of Cecilia H was one of the many stories featured in this documentary aptly titled “Let’s Fall in Love.”

The documentary was recently played in Beijing and many audiences wrote personal notes to the matchmaker of how the story affected them.

The next showing will be at the Oakland International Film Festival in California on April 5th.

So did Cecilia eventually tie the knot? The answer is yes, and the groom’s story is just as unique, featured as well in the documentary.

This year, Cecilia celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary with her husband, and wrote her

matchmaker, “Thanks. Without you, I would never have known the joy of marriage. ”

Never expecting that her work of helping men and women in affairs of the heart would be taken to the big screen, Chen said, “I simply like to see men and women experience the type of relationship they have always dreamed about. Creating a lasting meaningful relationship is never a walk in the park but it is well-worth it – it is one of the most beautiful human endeavors.”

Chen is also a relationship expert and bestselling author, having written 20 books on self-improvement and relationship topics. Her recent publication “The Matchmaker of the Century” was launched on Barnes and Noble.

Subsequently striking a chord with readers, it achieved #1 bestselling status in 6 categories: marriage, self-help, relationships, love and romance, self-improvement and parenting and family.

Chen announced that she would be personally helping 30 more couples to get married this year. She called this the “Love You Forever” movement.

For more information, visit http://MatchmakerOfTheCentury.com

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