“Scientific Evidence That Electrolyzed Water Can Replace Toxic Cleaning Chemicals For A Green Cleaning Solution” Is The Headline In Today’s Bawell Water Ionizer Report

April 6, 2013

The water ionizing report that Bawell published today discusses a couple of different scientific studies that show toxic chemicals used for cleaning can be replaced with the use of electrolyzed, ionized water for a green cleaning solution.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) April 06, 2013

“There are multiple reasons why a green cleaning alternative to the toxic chemicals in cleaning products and disinfectants should be used” the Bawell water ionizer report that was released today explains. The report goes on to state, “The person´s health that is using the product containing toxic chemicals, is the number one reason to use a green alternative cleaning product”.

“Research has proven that electrolyzed water can be up to 80 times more effective at killing pathogens, than using chlorinated water to kill pathogens” the Bawell report states, and adds, “the electrolyzed ionized water the Bawell certified water ionizers produce, is not toxic like chlorine and the other toxic chemicals that are used for cleaning and disinfecting”.

The Bawell report explains that, “over time the toxic chemicals in many cleaning and disinfecting products can create super strains of pathogens that have become resistant to the chemical. Super pathogens have the ability to expel or even neutralize the toxic chemical before the chemical has had a chance to kill the pathogen, rendering the chemical or disinfectant less effective if not totally useless against the pathogen. However, the toxic chemical is still harmful to humans”.

“Published scientific research from Penn State University states” the Bawell April water ionizer report explains, “water that is electrolyzed can be used to replace toxic chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting. Scientific reports published on PubMed show fruits, vegetables, and even meat can be cleaned with electrolyzed, ionized water to remove and neutralize dirt, bacteria, toxic pesticides and chemicals”.

The Bawell water ionizer company has been advocating the uses of alkaline and acidic ionized water for over 10 years and has a great deal of information and links to medical studies published on their company website http://www.bawellwaterionizers.com. Due to the firm commitment Bawell has to health, they constantly release reports like this one titled “Scientific Evidence That Electrolyzed Water Can Replace Toxic Cleaning Chemicals For A Green Cleaning Solution” with the goal of educating people on how to live cleaner healthier lifestyles. Click here to read more from Bawell.

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