Fresh Patch Helps Reduce Exposure of Puppies and Dogs to Parvovirus Outside the Home

April 20, 2013

A new dog potty service, Fresh Patch, is encouraging dog owners to minimize the risk of exposing new puppies to potentially fatal viruses.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2013

Fresh Patch–the maker of the real-grass, fully disposable, indoor dog potty–is joining the fight against highly contagious parvovirus infections in dogs. Puppies are particularly vulnerable to parvovirus–also known simply as parvo. The most common form of the virus attacks a dog´s digestive system. Symptoms can include vomiting, as well as diarrhea that is often bloody. Dangerous dehydration can result, and severely affected dogs may die. Some older dogs may not have noticeable symptoms to alert their owners to the infection.

Parvovirus in dogs is transmitted through their oral contact with the virus-harboring feces of other dogs, as well as with inanimate objects, such as shoes and food pans, on which the virus can survive for many months. A currently available vaccine regimen can help to control the spread of this virus; however, some vaccinated dogs can still contract and die from the illness. An unvaccinated puppy or older dog can easily become infected in communal settings for dogs and when walking and frolicking outside the home.

According to the Fresh Patch Company, its real-grass indoor dog potty can be particularly helpful when a puppy is not yet old enough to be vaccinated because it can reduce exposure to the virus outside the home. The Fresh Patch company notes that many puppy owners also continue to use its product on a regular basis. The potties are excellent training tools, and can conveniently handle a dog´s bathroom needs at any age and at any time of day.

Puppies are particularly susceptible to parvovirus infection between the time maternal antibodies have worn off and the completion of a series of preventive vaccinations. The Fresh Patch company encourages dog owners to consult their veterinarians regarding the careful timing of initial and booster vaccinations.

Fresh Patch notes that veterinarians can not only vaccinate against the infection, but can also diagnose it and offer supportive therapy to dogs. It is therefore critically important to discuss parvovirus with a veterinarian, and to have a puppy or older dog tested if there are concerns about possible infection. Owners also need to follow a veterinarian´s detailed instructions for the care of an infected dog at home. However, to avoid subjecting a puppy or dog to a difficult treatment regimen, the Fresh Patch Company urges dog owners to reduce their pets´ exposure to the virus outside the home, and to be conscientious about the timely scheduling of the initial vaccination process and booster vaccinations.

More information is available at http://www.freshpatch.com

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