Small Businesses Use PowerPatent Software to Cope With the Rapid Filing Demands of the New First-Inventor-To-File Patent Law

April 27, 2013

The new America Invents Act imposes first-to-file speed on inventors and business. With PowerPatent workflow solutions, innovative companies are thriving in the first-inventor-to-file era by using an easy-to-use patent generation tool that results in high quality patent applications and quick turnaround.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2013

The America Invents Act (AIA) will make patent protection more important than ever for startups, individual inventors and small businesses. To cope with the quick filing requirements of the AIA, businesses are turning to PowerPatent’s solutions.

For example, Mike Menas, owner and inventor for CalPro Concepts, uses PowerPatent software to build a portfolio of patent applications to economically protect his company’s intellectual property. This allows Mr. Menas to quickly file patent applications, and with the cost savings focus his start-up’s tight resources on product development and marketing.

Mike notes that: “I have purchased and am using ProvisionalBuilder®, the new PowerPatent software tool for drafting provisional patent applications. I am impressed with this tool, and especially with its ease of use. The President of PowerPatent called me personally to see how my experience with the tool was coming along and learn what improvements could be made. He was receptive to my suggestions. To have a company officer call a user who has purchased only one copy of a software product is rare, to say the least. I appreciated this, and it shows that the company is serious about keeping customers happy.”

“As the patent workflow software leader, PowerPatent is excited to bring ProvisionalBuilder® to innovative companies and inventors,” said Bao Tran, CEO of PowerPatent. “PowerPatent is pleased to see customers thriving in the first-inventor-to-file era with our easy-to-use patent work flow process that results in high quality patent applications and quick turnaround.”

About PowerPatent

PowerPatent Inc. is a privately-held software applications company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our company´s products are designed and developed by a team of legal, software, user experience, and Web design professionals. Our mission is to democratize the intellectual property (IP) ecosystem. Our tools provide a cost-efficient framework for inventors and entrepreneurs to participate in the IP system and be recognized and rewarded for their ingenuity.

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