A Group of Scientific Innovators are Now Raising Funds for Research to Revolutionize the Alternative Energy Market

April 30, 2013

A documentary called Randy´s Donuts is now being developed by TBLN Films, Neverending Light Productions, and actor/publisher Thomas Jane of RAW Studios in order to inform the world about a new form of mathematics called vortex-based mathematics, which has the potential to provide exponential growth in the alternative energy industry. The group is seeking donations to fund the creation of the film, book, and further research for the theory.

(PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Based off of the theory of vortex-based mathematics, the film Randy´s Donuts is a grassroots effort to spread knowledge about the universe that has the potential to revolutionize the alternative energy market to provide for exponential growth. In order to spread awareness to academia and to fund further research to solve the world´s energy crisis, the creators of the film and book are seeking donations from generous supporters.

The intent for the creation of Randy´s Donuts, as well as the book, is to spread and inform the public, as well as academia, about vortex-based mathematics and the potential benefit this theory could have for the well-being of humanity. The film and book will be free of charge to educational establishments across the world, allowing for peer review opportunities, white paper submissions, debates, presentations, and further research into vortex-based mathematics. The book will reveal the ABHA Torus mapped out in sequence, to provide a step-by-step learning guide for interested researchers.

Randy´s Donuts is based off of Marco Rodin´s nine-digit equation, which is the basis of vortex-based mathematics. According to the studies, Marco´s unique mathematical perspective provides detailed insight into the nature of the universe.

During his research, Marco Rodin stated that “I devised and designed not only my own tools, but tools that are based on perfection, the axioms, the universal truths of the universe. Essentially, I claim to have discovered perfection.”

Randy Powell, an active mathematician playing a major role in the production of Randy´s Donuts, claims to have modeled and rendered the equation into the three-dimensional world, revealing the shape of a torus or donut, officially known as the ABHA Torus. If harnessed, according to Powell, the energy produced by the ABHA Torus would allow society to produce inexhaustible free energy, greatly reducing the stressors currently put in place on the earth by fossil fuels and resource-based energy.

“The problem is not a lack of collective desire for positive future, but the lack of a collective vehicle for positive actions,” says Powell.

About Randy´s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts The Movie – Support Video # 2

The cast of Randy´s Donuts will include Randy Powell, Marco Rodin, Daniel and Erica Nunez, and more to be announced as the documentary is created.

The executive producers are Curtis Hedges, Thomas Jane, Laurie Knapp, J.D. Seraphie, and Reuben Langdon.

The producers are Jose Escamilla, Daniel and Erica Nunez, Randy Powell, and Tyler Thurmond.

The film was created by Randy Powell and Curtis Hedges.

Live updates and additional information regarding Randy´s Donuts can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About TBLN Films, LLC

TBLN Films (The Borderland Network) founded by Director/ Researcher Jose Escamilla and spearheaded by Executive Producer Curtis Hedges, is an independent film studio out of Mission Hills, CA with a strong focus on paranormal documentaries, and is considered by many enthusiasts as the #1 paranormal film studio on the internet.


About Neverending Light Productions, LLC

Neverending Light Productions, L.L.C. is an independent motion picture company based in Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL. Our principle purpose is to develop and produce international films that foster knowledge, entertainment, and responsible living.


About RAW Studios

RAW Studios, founded by actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist, The Mutant Chronicles) and in partnership with Eisner Award nominated illustrator/production designer Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer, Criminal Macabre) and their able crew of talented creators are developing and/or scripting a number of projects.


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