Top Spring’s Revolutionary Home Water Filter Units Are Headed For North America

May 9, 2013

The first shipment of Top Spring´s revolutionary home water filtration units incorporating quantum harmonic oscillator technology is being prepared for shipment to North America. According to Life Energy-Water System, a division of Lexis Global Marketing LLC, the new Top Spring water filter units can produce the smallest water molecule cluster of any known water system currently on the market while more environmentally friendly than other systems.

Kernersville, North Carolina (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

“This first shipment of Top Spring water filter units to North America represents a great leap forward in water filter technology from current reverse osmosis (ro), ionizer or conventional carbon filter systems,” according to David Amos of Life Energy-Water System.

Amos continues:

“When it comes to water, the size of the water molecule cluster has important implications for both animal and plant health in that, it is believed, a smaller water molecule cluster will be more easily absorbed by the body and thus enhance the beneficial metabolic processes.”

“The new Top Spring water filter unit has been verified to reduce the water molecule cluster to just NMR of 51 HZ in tests by the esteemed Toray Research Center of Japan, a leading research institute using 170 testing standards, which compares to 127 HZ average for tap water, indicating the smallest water molecule cluster size of any other water filtration system on the market today.”

“The Top Spring water filter units headed for North America are intended as for home use as either under the sink water filters or counter top water filters connecting directly to the faucet in minutes.”

“These systems will require no “back flushing” and requires no filter replacement for 6,000 gallons of use, approximately two years for the average family.

“In addition to removing chlorine and other unwanted substances from the water, veggies soaked in Top Spring filtered water for 20 minutes will more effectively remove pesticides for safer food consumption.”

“Amazingly, containers of fermented beverages (such as wine, spirits and soy sauce) that are soaked in a bath of Top Spring water for 20 minutes actually improve in flavor as if they had been aged for months or years.”

“Tea and coffee prepared with Top Spring water stay “sweet” for many hours or even overnight, due the anti-oxidizing property of the water, and raw fish or meat soaked in the water will stay fresh in the refrigerator for much longer due to the same principle.”

“ Special orders can also be made for lager Commercial Systems in all capacities and are especially valuable for the food and beverage industries, agriculture, fish farming, cosmetic manufacturing and the beauty industry.”


Life Energy-Water Systems is a Division of Lexis Global Marketing LLC working to develop the North America market for the revolutionary water filtration systems created by Aizia Technology of Taiwan.


David Amos, Director

Life Energy-Water Systems

Kernersville, North Carolina USA

Tel 336-817-7376

email: damos.lifeenergywater(at)gmail(dot)com

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