Tom’s Hardware Features MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 as High-End SSD Benchmark, MagicRAR Now Accepting OEM/VAR Bundles

May 20, 2013

MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 offers an excellent software-only solution for OEM, VAR, and SSD manufacturers wishing to reduce cost per gigabyte, lower barriers to entry, and increase customer satisfaction rates with each new SSD purchase.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 is the only Windows data compression utility providing transparent, full-disk data compression — enabling users to access all of their files and data as if they were uncompressed, with a significant increase on their bottom line of usable storage space — typically three times or more than what can be achieved using Windows´s built in tools.

In addition to tripling free space, MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 is capable of outperforming Windows´s own compression speeds by up to 20 times or more — limited only by the speed of the underlying hardware. MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 is powered by a multi-threaded, highly scalable compression engine. It is this novel engine which outperforms Windows itself by orders of magnitude.

In fact, the MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 engine is so scalable, that it attracted the attention of Tom´s Hardware, an industry standard hardware review website, for use as a benchmark in evaluating the performance of high-end SSD hardware. While MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 supports mechanical (spinning platter) hard disks, its engine shines brightest when the underlying hardware is a powerful SSD.

“I quite like it and plan to use it as the lynchpin of my future real world testing,” says Christopher Ryan. “All in all, I´d say it´s perfectly safe to use with SSDs; with no noticeable performance impact or write amplification.” The first Tom´s Hardware SSD review using MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 is available at http://www.magicrar.com/tomshardware.asp.

A special edition of MagicRAR Drive Press 3.0 is available for immediate bundling with original SSD hardware. MagicRAR is currently accepting inquiries from SSD manufacturers, OEMs, and VARs wishing to reduce cost per gigabyte, lower barriers to entry, and increase customer satisfaction rates on each SSD purchase – simply by bundling a versatile software solution. Please contact simon(at)magicrar(dot)com.

MagicRAR also offers a full suite of archive management utilities in addition to full-disk compression. These include an open-source (https://github.com/magicrar) plug-in stack for future extensibility, an Outlook Add-In for transparent attachment compression and compressed attachment previews, and a “Find Smallest Archive” Explorer right-click menu option which guarantees the smallest possible file sizes.

About Simon King`s Utilities Group

Simon King`s Utilities Group, founded in 2009, is a software development company focused solely on state-of-the-art data compression technologies, offering the highest data compression ratios along with ease of use previously thought impossible. The company is a Microsoft BizSpark Startup. For more information, and a free unrestricted 30 day trial download, please visit http://www.magicrar.com.



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