SPI Polyurea Protective Coatings Help Restore Devastated Zoo Animal Enclosures

May 31, 2013

Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI) and Dragon Spray Systems recently teamed up to aid in the renovation of the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota after a devastating flood. SPI´s innovative Synergy Series Aquaseal-UB III and Ultra Bond-100 polyurea coatings were used to restore and protect the damaged concrete inside the animal enclosures, while at the same time helping to reduce the contractor´s material and labor cost.

Lakewood, Washington State (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Lakewood, Washington State (PRWEB) May 31, 2013. Specialty Products, Inc. (SPI) and Dragon Spray Systems recently teamed up to aid in the renovation of the Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota after a devastating flood. According to Adrian Zettell, President of Dragon Spray Systems, with the exception of a few concrete enclosures, the zoo was nearly destroyed. The concrete structures that remained, including the bear and cat enclosures, were in bad shape, requiring a great deal of repair, reprofiling and recoating. When Dragon Spray Systems was awarded the bear and cat enclosure job, Zettell turned to his long-time polyurea material supplier, Specialty Products. SPI´s Synergy Series Aquaseal-UB III was chosen as the base coat and Ultra Bond-100 was to be applied as the top coat. Together, these coatings would take the bear and cat enclosures to a new level in aesthetics, safety and performance.

The bear and cat enclosures house two brown bears, one grizzly bear, one African lion, two tigers and a leopard, respectively. The enclosures include dens for the animals to rest and sleep, as well as areas that are accessed by the zoo keepers in order to feed and care for the animals. Dragon Spray Systems was responsible for resurfacing and recoating the interior of the enclosures all the way to the entry way to the outside exhibit areas.

Prior to applying the coatings system, the Dragon Spray Systems crew prepped the concrete substrate, removing the existing coating that remained, and scarifying/etching the concrete surface for coating adhesion purposes. After the surface preparation and profiling was completed, application of the coatings began with the base coat: Synergy Series Aquaseal-UB III. SPI’s Aquaseal-UB III is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, spray or pour applied plural-component pure polyurea elastomer. It provides a flexible, resilient, tough, monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance. Zettell and his crew applied the Aquaseal-UB III at a thickness of 30 mils using SPI´s LPG proportioner.

SPI´s portable and versatile LPG proportioner and Synergy Series chemistries have changed the way the industry looks at the application of polyurea on concrete. Until the advent of the Synergy Series chemistries and the LPG proportioner, coating concrete was a tough challenge for the polyurea industry. Polyurea applied through traditional high pressure, high heat, plural component equipment can result in having hundreds or thousands of blow holes. These blow holes are caused by air that is trapped within the pores (bug holes) and capillaries of the concrete. Preventing and/or repairing pinholes is extremely time consuming and costly. It typically requires a substantial amount of surface preparation work applying a concrete primer, plasticized mortar, dry sacking or using polyurethane foam to fill surface irregularities to create a buffer layer between the concrete and polyurea coating. “Blow holes look like mini-moon craters,” said Dan Helton, President of SPI. “It takes a considerable amount of labor and expense to repair them. SPI is proud to offer a unique, value-added concrete protective coating solution that helps reduce contractor´s material and labor cost.”

Once the Aquaseal-UB III was applied, the Dragon Spray Systems crew sprayed a top coat of 80-100 mils of Ultra Bond-100 polyurea with a textured, non-slip surface. “One of the main components of the job was ensuring that the concrete substrate was not slippery and was easy to clean. We gave them a heavy texture in the areas that are accessed by the zoo keepers to ensure that they weren’t slipping and sliding in their rubber boots,” said Adrian Zettell, President of Dragon Spray Systems.

Ultra Bond-100 is a high tensile, high elongation, fast-set elastomer that has the unique advantage of adhering to many polymeric substrates (existing coatings), both new and old. This advanced chemistry breakthrough is coined “the duct tape molecule”. Much like duct tape, Ultra Bond-100 continue to gain adhesion strength over time.

The combination of SPI´s revolutionary products and the application expertise of Dragon Spray Systems gave the Roosevelt Zoo new and improved enclosures for the bears and cats to call home. Both SPI and Dragon Spray Systems are happy to be a part of the rebuilding of the Roosevelt Zoo and look forward to participating in more projects on the zoo grounds.

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