Long Winter Season Means Lush Summer Trees; Rooted Tree Services Advises GTA Neighborhoods on Proper Pruning Tips to Keep Community Landscapes Vibrant and Healthy

June 20, 2013

Business Review announces Rooted Tree Services´ advisement to local communities on DIY pruning tips to keep trees and brushes from becoming overgrown during hot summer weather

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 21, 2013

Business Review today announces Rooted Tree Services´ advisement to local GTA communities on five easy tips to follow while pruning neighborhood trees to ensure landscapes do not become overgrown after a long winter season allowed for trees and brushes that have bloomed overly thick. Business Review, after reviewing dozens of GTA arborist crews, recommends Rooted Tree Services as a top company to hire due to its quick and thorough services and clean ups, knowledgeable staff, and dedication to keeping communities informed on do-it-yourself approaches to maintaining the health of their trees.

1.    Prune young trees as little as possible. Any pruning ultimately slows growth.

2.    Cut away water sprouts and root sprouts. Water sprouts first originate in the branches and root sprouts at the base of the tree; these shoots soak up the plant’s energy, look unattractive, and bear few or no flowers or fruits.

3.    For bushes and shrubs, tailor how much you prune any bush to its growth habit, and remove some older stems every year to make way for new ones.

4.    Wait to prune spring flowering bushes until right after their blossoms fade or else you will be removing some of the flower buds soon to unfold.

5.     Whether it is a tree, bush or shrub, cut all dead and diseased stems back to healthy wood. Also prune back broken stems.

One of the biggest tips to remember is to always use a qualified arborist for big pruning jobs and other tree and shrub-related maintenance work. “The growing season for trees is generally based on how cold the winter was, how long it lasted and how consistent temperatures are in the early to mid-spring,” says Peter Crawford of Rooted Tree Services. “The cold weather, ice and rain kills off harmful pests that damage the trees, and this winter has been a long one. If you look around the GTA right now, you can already see that the trees are thicker and lusher than they have been in the past several years.”


In business for over 43 years, Rooted Tree Services is a leading Ontario based arborist and GTA tree removal service, working with homeowners, businesses, insurance companies and property managers to ensure the safety, health, maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs. Our commitment to quality ensures that you not only enjoy the latest knowledge and equipment, but that every job is completed safely, on time and that each site is cleaned up. Further information and a free quote can be found by visiting http://www.rootedtreeservices.com.

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