Cellars Wine Club Guides Wine Drinkers to Keep Journal in Latest Tips Article

June 27, 2013

In their latest article, Cellars Wine Club shows the benefits of keeping a wine journal.

Monroe, Washington (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Without records, wine drinking can get a little “fuzzy”. Cellars Wine Club recommends in their latest wine of the month club article to write down wine experiences as they happen, instead of relying on fuzzy memories. They also show some methods of saving labels, enabling quick and easy wine journaling.

Cellars Wine Club's article gives excellent tips for organization: "Before you dig in to creating your new journal, envision how you want to use it. You can organize your wine journal into the monthly themes of a wine of the month club or even types of wine. Some opt to have two wine journals, one for white wines and the other for red wines. Yet another way they can be organized is likes and dislikes."

They also advocate removing wine bottle labels. By removing the label, explains Cellars Wine Club, one must only record the description of the experience. They outline two methods for removing labels from one's wine of the month club selections: the bake method and the microwave method. They also are sure to note that digital copies of bottle labels can sometimes be just as good as keeping the labels themselves.

For this and other great wine of the month club topics, check out Cellars Wine Club's Blog section.

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