Carb Back-Loading Diet Plan Exposed by Daily Gossip Magazine

July 2, 2013

Daily Gossip will expose the secrets of John Kiefer’s The Carb-Back Loading Diet in an exclusive interview with the author of the manual.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Daily Gossip Magazine specialized in health news and lifestyle articles will publish an exclusive interview with one of the most disputed figures at present, the fitness and diet expert, John Kiefer.

John Kiefer is the author of the Carb-Back Loading Diet, a regime that has been both contested and praised by the fitness community in United States.

http://www.DailyGossip.org has decided to give Kiefer the right of reply by publishing an interview with him on their online page.

The interview will contain a brief description of Kiefer’s Diet Plan, as well as some answers related to the accusation that were brought against him.

Many fitness practitioners have rushed into the conclusion that Kiefer is a fraud because they did not understand or they were not prepared to understand his diet. Kiefer told reporters at Daily Gossip that the Carb-Back Loading Diet is as genuine as possible and he guaranteed readers that they will have the best results as long as they observe the principles exposed in his manual.

The reason why the Carb-Back Loading Diet has been contested is because Kiefer was the first among all nutrition experts to claim that observing a diet that is rich in carbs is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, he recommends customers to eat as many carbs as possible because this way, they will teach their body to burn fats and they will lose weight faster.

The secret to re-educating your body to consume fats is to eat during certain time intervals of the day. This way, the persons who follow this diet can control the insulin level in their body and get rid of excessive pounds because the body will take less time to consume fats.

The Carb-Back Loading Diet has to be complemented with physical exercises in order to obtain the best results. Kiefer has also included various fitness tips in his printed materials, so customers will get a holistic perspective on all the steps they need to accomplish to stay in shape and get a perfect physical condition.

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