Dietmatch, Inc. Presents First Social Networking Weight Loss Plan with Support

July 2, 2013

Losing weight online can be fun and have lasting results with Dietmatch.com, the first social networking weight loss plan with expert and peer support.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Dietmatch, Inc.,http://www.Dietmatch.com, is the first social networking weight loss plan with support to hit the Internet. With the addition of the social networking component, Dietmatch.com is transforming the way people are losing weight online, bringing together all the moving parts to create an effective online solution for lasting weight loss.

Members of the Dietmatch.com community receive unlimited access to healthy recipes, virtual weekly meetings, expert and peer support, and a wealth of resources all available at their fingertips. While the customized meal plan and exercise guidance are integral to losing weight online, it is the social network of like-minded dieters that sets Dietmatch.com apart.

According to a recent study by Pew Internet Project, an estimated 67 percent of adults use social networking sites. In a separate survey, the group found that social networking sites are used more and more to maintain close social ties with others, which explains why people wanting to lose weight are drawn to Dietmatch.com. The online weight loss program unites people from similar walks of life to achieve a common goal. In fact, social networking is the platform upon which Dietmatch.com was created.

In her report, Kristen Purcell, research director at Pew Internet, explained the impact of social networking on individuals. She said, “One of the striking things in these data is how purposeful people are as they become active with groups. Many enjoy the social dimensions of involvement, but what they really want is to have impact. Most have felt proud of a group they belong to in the past year and just under half say they accomplished something they couldn’t have accomplished on their own.”

The desire to lose weight might be one factor driving people toward social networking and a group environment – and these individuals are in good company. A 2011 survey conducted by the Calorie Control Council found that five out of 10 people surveyed wanted to lose weight, while an additional 28 percent of American are looking to control or maintain weight.

For people interested in losing weight online, Dietmatch, Inc. provides a platform that connects people with dieters like themselves in a positive, nurturing environment. It is the combination of online support groups comprised of Dietmatch.com members, a team of veteran experts and endless weight loss resources that yield results for dieters.

Studies show that having the support of others and being part of a social network provides a number of benefits that include increasing the quality of life and reducing the risks associated with health conditions. Other research indicates that we are more likely to be influenced by the behaviors, both good and bad, of those around us.

The Framingham Heart Study found that we are 57 percent more likely to become obese if we are friends with someone obese. On the other hand, if we are close with someone who quits smoking, we are 36 percent more likely to quit smoking ourselves. Dietmatch.com provides the outlet where members can link up with people who have the same end-goal of healthy living. The support component is the necessary element that ties everything together.

Other studies have determined that a weight loss plan with support changes the face of the weight loss game. David Humble, founder and CEO of Dietmatch, Inc., points out that having a support system in place makes people more likely to achieve their weight loss goals.

“Studies show that people who dieted with friends or family, along with a behavioral treatment component, had greater success in losing weight online, completing a weight loss program and keeping off the weight,” David Humble explains. “At Dietmatch, Inc. we have created social circles of like-minded dieters. Whether you are joining with friends or family or looking to expand your network of weight-loss companions, Dietmatch.com has created the premier social networking weight loss plan with support.”

About Dietmatch, Inc.

From the creators of online dieting comes the next evolution in losing weight online– a social dieting network matching members with others who have similar weight goals and lifestyles. Dietmatch, Inc. was founded in May 2011by the father of online dieting, DavidHumble. Through the next generation of online dieting, members receive a customized weight loss plan with support, along with healthy recipes for weight loss, weight loss tips, online weight loss tools, as well as unlimited access to expert advice and live groups meetings via the Internet.

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