The Newly Designed Hybrid Pitching Wedge by Black Magic Wedge is Considered One of The Most Effective and Forgiving Clubs in the Short Game

July 12, 2013

Golf enthusiasts of all skill levels will be surprised when they see what all can be done with a Blade Runner Golf leading pitching wedge.

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This advanced technology in a hybrid pitching wedge allows players to be truly creative by laying the face open for different types of shots without ever worrying about a shank plus significantly reduces chunking.

Golf Instructor, Dave Pedersen, stated “I have been a golf instructor for 15 years and tested clubs for Rank mark for two years. I have seen hundreds of golfers swing and have helped many of them choose the best clubs to improve their golf game. Recently I tried the new Black Magic Wedges. I found these wedges very easy to use, especially from the sand and in executing the short pitch shot. The design of these wedges will help all golfers get the ball up faster and land softly, very helpful in going over greenside hazards and to tight pin placements. With all my testing of clubs, I would rank the Black Magic Wedges very user friendly."

As many players know, the short game is filled with many unknown shots that require a keen imagination and the confidence to pull them off to save unnecessary strokes. A 48 degree pitching wedge is one club which golfers will find works well for approach shots to bump and run and everything in between by helping them to shoot their best scores.

Hybrid golf wedges are gaining popularity among players today. A 48 degree pitching wedge is the traditional degree that many golfers are looking for in a hybrid design. Blade Runner Golf knew that a “leading pitching wedge” must have versatility, so they implemented their newly designed hybrid pitching wedge for this purpose. This wedge allows players to make all types of shots from approximately 125 yards and in depending on their swing speed. Their leading pitching wedge features a hybrid body with an iron face that has the hosel positioned so that players can have the confidence to be creative without penalty.

The Black Magic line of wedges Conforms to USGA Rules and can be custom ordered to fit each individual golfers needs at no extra cost.

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game and one sure place to shave strokes is in the short game. Blade Runner Golf has many professional video lessons to view on their web site that will help players learn how to set up and execute shots the right way right from the start if you are a beginner golfer.


Blade Runner Golf, Inc… is a company devoted to the notion that a golfer’s short game can make all the difference in his or her final score—but you can take your short game to the next level only if you have the right equipment. Black Magic’s hybrid wedges Conform to USGA Rules, but also helps golf enthusiasts find new precision and power as they make their way onto the putting green. Black Magic Wedge can be accessed on the web at: http://www.blackmagicwedge.com.


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