Connecticut Based Exterminator Announces New Tick Guard Program

July 17, 2013

Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services Offers New Lyme-Guard Service To Remove Ticks

Hartford, Connecticut (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services now offers Lyme-Guard Tick Elimination Treatments for homeowners in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. This new program offers customers five safe all areas Lyme-Guard Tick Elimination treatments with the first treatment being free. Customers will only pay for the four remaining Lyme-Guard treatments for ticks.

“Summer is a time when ticks run rampant especially in wooded areas. They can attach to household pets and people very easily. Ticks often go unnoticed then all of a sudden a homeowner will have an instant tick infestation. Ticks multiply rather quickly so it’s imperative homeowners get a possible tick infestation under control,” says Kenny Vayda, President of Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services.

Ticks are external parasites that live by hematophagy on the blood of birds, mammals and sometimes reptiles. They are commonly known for causing Lyme Disease so it’s imperative that homeowners get control immediately if they have a tick out-break,” adds Vayda.

Ticks cannot fly or jump. They either drop from a branch and land on you, your pets or they do what is called “questing.” Questing is when a tick detects carbon dioxide from the respiration of a passing person or animal. If the person or animal is close enough the tick just crawls and latches on. Ticks can also detect body heat so the exterminators at Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services always recommend a thorough tick inspection if you or your household pets have been walking through your yard or wooded areas. Washing machines don’t always remove ticks however if homeowners put their clothes in the dryer on high heat for a long period of time research has shown this high heat can kill the ticks more so than a washing machine.

“We are excited to offer this Lyme-Guard program to homeowners. Many of our extermination and pest control customers in Bridgeport Connecticut, Fairfield Connecticut, Stamford Connecticut, Hartford Connecticut, New London Connecticut, New Haven Connecticut, Westchester New York, Rockland County New York, Springfield Massachusetts and Pittsfield Massachusetts are experiencing an increase in ticks this season. To help them combat these annoying pests we have found a series of Lyme-Guard treatments are most effective to totally removing ticks from a yard. Those in heavily wooded areas will always be up against ticks simply due to the nature of ticks breeding in these areas,” adds Vayda.

Vayda states, “With our five tick treatment program customers are really only paying for four treatments, the first tick Lyme-Guard treatment is free so it’s a really great offer.”

Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services offers a complete menu of insect extermination and wildlife control for residents throughout the Tri-State area. Residents in Danbury Connecticut, Norwalk Connecticut, Simsbury Connecticut, Farmington Connecticut, Woodbury Connecticut, Middletown Connecticut, Waterbury Connecticut, Mansfield Connecticut, Rockland County New York, Bronx New York, Chicopee Massachusetts, and Southbridge Massachusetts can call the exterminators at Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for immediate extermination and wildlife removal services.

In addition to tick removal services the exterminators at Eliminate’Em Pest Control also remove termites, carpenter ants, bees, wasps, hornets, fleas, spiders, mice, rodents, rats, roaches, flies and bed bugs. Their wildlife removal staff are the industry experts at removing nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, flying squirrels, ground hogs, snakes, gophers, skunks, woodchucks and many others.

For more information on Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services’ Lyme-Guard Treatment program for ticks please call 866-802-PEST (7378) or visit online at http://www.eliminateem.com.

Residents are encouraged to fill out a contact form on the Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services website to request an estimate for tick removal, insect removal and wildlife removal services.

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