New England Power Grid in Trouble Today

July 21, 2013

Conservation Resource Solutions Dispatches Retail Demand Response Assets to Stabilize Electric Grid Reliability in New England.

Cumming, GA (PRWEB) July 21, 2013

Conservation Resource Solutions, Inc. (CRS), a leading provider of energy demand management technology solutions, announced today that it successfully responded to ISO New England’s call for emergency demand response based on critical conditions created by the extended heat wave in the Northeast. ISO New England, the regional bulk power system operator, was facing a threat to grid reliability due to rising electricity demand relative to available generating capacity.        

“ISO New England views real-time demand response as a key available resource to ensure regional system reliability and stabilization of electricity prices through active, real-time management of peak demand in an environmentally responsible manner,” said Leo Desjardins, CEO of CRS. Wholesale electricity prices skyrocketed to more than $700 per megawatt hour Friday afternoon because of the extended heat wave from Stamford Connecticut to Burlington Vermont with the city of Boston posting a 100 degree temperature at 2:45 p.m. After demand response resources were dispatched by the CRS’s iEMS Notification Manager, demand growth slowed and prices stabilized within 30 minutes of the dispatch, which saved New England consumers millions of dollars in electricity costs,” added Desjardins.                

CRS’ iEMS web-based software-as-a-service platform and its demand response support services are used by energy market participants and major consumers for demand response participation, meter data management, and the monitoring and analysis of facility energy usage in near real-time. During the New England demand response event, CRS was able to notify over 750 email addresses and phone numbers within five minutes assuring that its customer base could quickly respond to the emergency.    

CRS’ ready-made IT infrastructure allows energy market participants to quickly go to market and avoid IT and other resource and development costs needed to build a demand response support platform of their own,” said Todd Moran, CRS’ Chief Operating Officers.

About Conservation Resource Solutions

Conservation Resource Solutions, Inc. (CRS) is a leading privately held provider of Intelligent Grid Solutions to manage energy demand and other critical resource usage for utility, non-utility and retail customers seeking more active real-time management capabilities for electricity, water, natural gas, steam and other key resource usage. CRS’ iEMS web-based software, meter data management and communications platform is a SaaS (software as a service) where CRS hosts and manages these services for customers. CRS currently provides web-enabled demand-side resource management services to more than 700 commercial, industrial and institutional facilities on behalf of its utility and non-utility customers.

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