Fast Web Proxy List Released for Data-Heavy Internet Relocation

July 21, 2013

idcloak releases a Fast Web Proxy list for those needing to resituate their internet access and carry out data-heavy tasks from that new location.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 21, 2013

The latest release from idcloak is the Fast Web Proxy list, a collection of the highest performance public IP proxies currently online. They are connected to directly through a browser’s network settings.

Proxies allow users to reroute their internet connection to a different global location and access the web from there with a new IP address. The technology is popular among those concerned about government surveillance or corporate tracking, as well as those suffering internet restrictions due to internet censorship or geodiscrimination.

idcloak’s lead web researcher, Robin Welles, had this to say about the Fast Web Proxy list release, “There is an increasing demand for higher performance proxies; ones that can deliver large quantities of content at high speeds. This is partly because of the boom in video and audio streaming services online and in part because of the ongoing growth in the tablet and smart phone market. To serve this demand, the fast web proxy list extracts and displays the highest speed proxies from a 1500-strong database.”

The release is expected to appeal to devotees of YouTube in countries where either the site as a whole, or just some of its pages, are inaccessible. “By rerouting their internet to an alternative country, a user may easily change their web access privileges. This can be vital in countries suffering state censorship of the net”.

idcloak hopes that the proxy lists offered for free by the company will raise the profile of web relocation technologies, “We believe the capacity for anonymity and unrestricted access to the internet should be a basic and fundamental right for any adult. We hope that these public proxies will allow users to break out of state censorship of the net without having to pay for the privilege in terms of money or time.”

The release follows idcloak’s recent launch of a user-friendly web service proxy, intended to allow first-time users of proxies to experiment with the benefits of relocating their internet connection. The company is due to become a global and independent VPN service provider in September 2013.

idcloak Technologies is a Dallas-based provider of proxy technologies. See more at http://www.idcloak.com.

Written by Gill-Chris Welles.

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