Star Refrigeration’s Low Charge Ammonia Refrigeration Systems Welcomed at US Conference

July 22, 2013

Scottish company Star Refrigeration, received widespread acclaim at the ATMOsphere America 2013 event in Washington last month after presenting its low charge ammonia chillers and freezers for the US market.

Glasgow, Scotland (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

The UK’s largest independent cooling and heating contractor presented its climate friendly range of low charge ammonia chillers and freezers, specifically designed to meet the needs of the US market. The AZANEFREEZER and AZANECHILLER obtained a great response from end-users and natural technology experts.

The event took place on 18th-19th June 2013 and was attended by Star’s US Business Development Manager, Derek Hamilton, who introduced the energy efficient, low charge ammonia Azanefreezer and Azanechiller to the North American market. HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) industry experts, government representatives from the US EPA, DOE and end users were all in attendance to view Star’s case study presentation, which covered the recent installation of a 125kW/36TR Azanefreezer for a food manufacturer's cold storage facility.

The company who has been leading the way in natural refrigerants in UK and Europe since its inception in 1970 is well known within ASHRAE, which has commissioned and published numerous papers and research articles from Star’s Dr. Andy Pearson in the subject of natural refrigerants. The exhibition provided the opportunity for Star to showcase its groundbreaking work in sustainable refrigeration technology and maintain its position at the forefront of the ongoing natural refrigerant revolution.

Star is renowned for its promise in keeping its products harmless for the environment. According to Star Refrigeration Group’s Sales and Marketing Director, Rob Lamb, “awareness of the importance of using natural refrigerants in refrigeration and heating systems is growing daily, especially since US President Obama’s recent climate action speech regarding the phasing out of harmful hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to protect our planet for the future. The United States hopes to have the carbon emissions phased out completely by 2050, and that is where Star’s more than four decades of expertise in natural refrigeration can offer a reliable and efficient solution that delivers low total cost of ownership.”

Derek Hamilton, Design Manager and US Business Development Manager of Star Refrigeration said: “Azanefreezer and Azanechiller are complete refrigeration packages that tackle the environmental, legislative and economic issues facing users of temperature controlled storage facilities. The factory built packaged design eliminates the need for costly plant rooms and lessens site installation time by around 70%, saving the customer both time and money. Studies indicate a 10% to 20% improvement in energy efficiency, lower capital cost than ammonia pumped circulation and paybacks within 4 years when compared to HFC condensing unit technology.”

“Using the latest aluminium heat exchanger technology coupled with Star’s unique low charge, low pressure receiver design results in high efficiency ammonia systems with a minimal ammonia charge.”

He added, “The Azanefreezer has it all – quick installation, low ammonia charge, low costs, and easy relocation if required – without cutting down on the quality and efficiency.”

Star Refrigeration has designed and installed sustainable technology in different countries across Europe, adapting its product to diverse local climate conditions. Atmosphere allowed Star Refrigeration to demonstrate to the North American market that environmentally and economically viable natural refrigerant alternatives for industrial applications including building services, food manufacturing, cold storage and distribution are a reality.

“The positive response to Star Refrigeration’s offerings confirmed, once again, that the North American market is ready to invest in ammonia refrigeration systems as a reliable and energy-efficient technology. We are confident that the positive momentum building around the use of natural refrigerants will continue, creating a strong business case for early market leaders,” says ATMOsphere Chairman Marc Chasserot.

To know more about the Low Charge Ammonia Condensing refrigeration systems for the US Market, please contact Derek Hamilton, US Business Development Manager on derek.hamilton(at)star-ref(dot)com.

About The Star Refrigeration Group

About the Star Refrigeration group of companies

The Star Refrigeration group of companies offer a diverse range of products and services including design, manufacturing, contracting, aftercare, consultancy and training. The group operates in five main business sectors:

Industrial Refrigeration and Heat Pumps

    Inline Freezing and Chilling Equipment

    Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Cooling & Heating Technical Consultancy

    HVACR training

Star Refrigeration        

A leading independent industrial refrigeration engineering company, Star is renowned for innovation. It constantly pushes the boundaries of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating through the development of solutions which deliver best total cost of ownership value for its customers.

Star Refrigeration serves industries that are vital to our way of life including food processing, temperature controlled storage, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical and IT. It delivers cooling and heating solutions that enable end users to reduce energy consumption through increased efficiency and drive down life-cycle operating costs and carbon emissions.

A pioneer in the use of natural refrigerants since its formation in 1970, Star works in partnerships with its customers to deliver the perfect balance of economic, environmental and social factors to meet their businesses needs.

Star has an unrivaled track record of award winning products and services for its ground-breaking technological developments. Its achievements in the field of technical innovation in the cooling and heating industry includes over 100 patents including the development of non-ozone-depleting refrigerants used to retrofit ACR systems around the world today.

Star is committed to the training and education of the sector, participating as expert speakers in seminars and events around the world and authoring technical papers for several international industry organisations. In 2006, the company launched a pioneering learning platform to share its expert knowledge and intellectual property. The information is available 24/7 via the award-winning online educational platform i-know.com offering elearning courses and reference information material in HVACR related topics to thousands of registered members

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