What Is My IP Address: How To Find IP Address & Change It

July 22, 2013

idcloak accompanies its instant Check My IP service with: What is My IP Address: How to Find IP Address & Change it – an advisory article on IP addressing and privacy.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

In addition to idcloak’s recent addition of an instant check my IP function to its homepage, the web services firm has now released an accompanying article – What is my IP address: How to find IP address & change it – which educates internet users on IP addressing and its privacy implications.

The three-part article explains the difference between public and private IPs, as well as dynamic and static addressing; demonstrating how users can identify the IP addresses being used by their device.

It also explains how easy it is to geographically locate a public IP address, revealing the town or even the street address of the associated user.

Because of the ease with which free IP lookup services can track internet communication of any form, the article then recommends how a user might change their IP to protect their privacy.

“There is a great deal of ignorance regarding IP addressing and this is a major reason why anonymity services are not yet widely used,” says the writer of the article, idcloak’s lead researcher, Robin Welles.

“A change is going on, however; the recent NSA whistleblowing has caused a shift in the public’s perspective of the internet. No longer is the web seen as essentially benign and user-controlled, it is now a territory whose inhabitants are closely watched.”

“The public values the idea of identity protection on the web more than ever just now. But people need to take the next step and start educating themselves on the infrastructure of the net. IP addressing IS web privacy – it is something everyone should know inside out. Ignorance is asking for trouble, especially considering the directions in which the internet is currently evolving.”

To learn about the forthcoming IPv6 addressing system and the potentially seismic changes it will bring to the privacy landscape, Welles suggests another article: “What is IPv6 Going to Mean to My Internet Privacy?”

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Written by Gill-Chris Welles

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