How to Change IP Address in Windows 7: New Guidelines

July 23, 2013

idcloak publishes How to Change IP Address in Windows 7, the first in a series of platform-specific articles introducing the main IP hiding technologies currently available.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

idcloak is releasing a series of articles intended to guide users who wish to mask their public IP address on a specific operating system. The first in the series, How to change IP address in Windows 7, presents the various IP changer options that are available for users of Windows 7.

“There are several important considerations that a user needs to take on board before selecting an IP changing technology,” says the article’s author, Robin Welles, “For one, is it enough just to anonymize browser-based traffic; or do other internet-accessing programs need to be masked as well? (Only certain technologies, such as VPN IP changers, will carry traffic from non-browser programs like Skype, ICQ and online gaming software.) Then, is it important that the visited sites and services are unaware that a proxy is being used? These and other questions have a bearing on which anonymous technology is needed and how it is delivered through a PC. The user needs to be asked them.”

The article outlines which free and paid anonymous proxy services are supported by Windows 7, explaining the various merits and pitfalls of each. Although true of many internet services, Welles says the “you get what you pay for” maxim is particularly true of the anonymous surfing market.

Of particular interest is idcloak’s comparison between SOCKS IP hider download and the personal VPN, two popular types of paid proxy services, “The fact that SOCKS is still being bought at all is a testament to just how misinformed our consumer base is. SOCKS has its uses as a free service, sure, but it is being packaged and sold at the same price as the secure and much more versatile VPN. That shouldn’t be happening. All this underlines why educational content is so important.”

idcloak is a web identity management firm which offers several proxy solutions to a wide selection of internet-based problems. Its free Knowledge Centre contains over 500 articles.

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