Growing Trend of Vitamin IV Drip is Cause for Concern, Says Liquid Health

July 23, 2013

A growing number of people are turning to an IV to get vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a quick pick-me-up. Many critics agree with Liquid Health that the risks far outweigh the benefits of this treatment for most people.

Murrieta, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

A segment on Good Morning America at the end of June featured the growing trend of a vitamin IV drip for celebrities and regular people alike. People are turning to this extreme measure to combat fatigue, exhaustion and stress. Liquid Health points out the cost factor, an increased chance of infection and other complications as risks associated with this treatment.

Celebrities from Rihanna and Madonna to Simon Cowell, among others, have reportedly taken part in these periodic vitamin treatments, as a way to maintain their busy and hectic lifestyles. This procedure can cost between $100-$300 per session and some patients are going in for the treatment every week. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, on the Good Morning America segment, comments that the IV bag itself can cost the doctor around $10, making the markup on this routine extremely high.

Dr. David Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine, participated in a study that looked at the effects of IV vitamin treatments of pain for fibromyalgia patients. The study found that the IV vitamins were not any better than the placebo used. So based on this study there's a good chance that most healthy people would be paying a lot for merely a placebo effect of results.

“There are essential digestive and physiological mechanisms that process our food into usable molecules. Those mechanisms are bypassed when vitamins are injected directly into the blood. Whenever possible, it is best that we allow the body to do these things. There is too much that we don’t understand about the body to think that we are infallible when it comes to IV drips,” according to Dr. Robert Gibson.

Dr. Ashton also says that the risk of infection from a procedure like this, which uses a needle, is approximately 1 in 5. The chance of infection tends to go up when the procedure is performed outside of a hospital. Other risks associated with this procedure include incorrect dosing and vein damage from repeated injections with a needle.

“As a manufacturer of liquid vitamin supplements, Liquid Health is joining with other critics of this procedure. Many have called this treatment medically unnecessary, expensive and risky and we'd have to agree,” says Brandon Siggard, CEO of Liquid Health, Inc, “There are a number of safer ways to get proper nutrition including eating a healthy diet and taking standard multivitamins.”

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