HTTPS Everywhere Chrome Alongside VPN Doubles Privacy and Security

July 27, 2013

idcloak shows how HTTPS Everywhere Chrome and a secure VPN can together protect against powerful sniffer apps like Faceniff which undermine HTTPS protection.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

In a newly published article, idcloak presents a convincing argument for using EFF’s now famous Chrome security extension alongside a secure VPN service. The piece, HTTPS Everywhere Chrome – an SSL Browser with a Secure VPN – offers a thorough review of the add-on, explaining when it is effective, and when it requires additional security support.

The article goes on to relate how a secure VPN, which adds its own layer of SSL encryption to all internet activity, patches the vulnerabilities inherent in HTTPS connections. Once a user has installed VPN software on their devices, they may route all internet access through an encrypted tunnel to a remote VPN server.

“HTTPS Everywhere is a great tool for user privacy and security,” says the writer of the article, Robin Welles, “but no protection system should be single-tiered.

The secure VPN wraps all internet packets with its own encryption casing and anonymizes it by masking the user’s IP address. This gives double protection between the user and the VPN server, and full anonymity between the server and the destination site.”

An important point raised in the article is how standard HTTPS connections are nowadays vulnerable to new forms of snooping software, such as Faceniff, which allows hackers to piggyback into users’ social media or webmail accounts even when their entire session is protected by HTTPS. “Users need to stop relying on HTTPS on its own – man in the middle attacks, fake or stolen security certificates, or just high-powered decryption systems all weaken the dependability of HTTPS. Another strong layer of security is needed for dependable security. A VPN delivers that, and anonymity too.”

idcloak offers several free web encryption services through its site in advance of a September release of the flagship idcloak VPN. For more information on what a secure VPN is and does, see VPN explained – Simply.

idcloak’s Knowledge Center offers over 500 educational articles on internet security, anonymity and freedom. See idcloak.com for more.

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