Leadership Disciple Jayson Feltner Gains Inspiration From the Leadership Styles of John C. Maxwell and Fellow Odessan Collin Sewell

July 31, 2013

Influential leadership and productivity guru Jayson Feltner shares inspiring stories of the values-based principles of business leaders John C. Maxwell and Collin Sewell.

ODESSA, Texas (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

The values-based principles of two business leaders with proven track records for motivating young entrepreneurs to follow suit is the focus of a new blog from entrepreneur Jayson Feltner. In the blog, dated July 25, 2013 and titled, “The Leadership of John C. Maxwell and Collin Sewell”, Feltner looks at the inspirational stories of the two businessmen who have built extraordinary legacies through their values-based leadership styles.

Maxwell, a leadership development guru who has shared his philosophies with audiences during thousands of speaking engagements and through more than 70 books he has written, is arguably one of the world’s most influential authorities on the subject. Maxwell combines inspiration, resources, and training to motivate men and women to become leaders who make a difference. Feltner, a devotee of effective leadership strategies, says that Maxwell has had a tremendous influence in developing his own management style.

“Among the many insights I have gained from Maxwell is that, ‘people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision,’” Feltner says. “He appeals to that part of you that wants to succeed by embracing those qualities that draw you to others who lead.”

Collin Sewell, President of the Sewell Group of Companies in Odessa, is also a long-time admirer of the John Maxwell Company, which Sewell considers to be “the premier leadership company for both head and heart: practical leadership training combined with a genuine love for people,” he says.

Sewell has molded his own leadership skills to echo Maxwell’s values-based philosophy, the reason he has been rewarded with a devoted staff and the admiration of the entire Odessa community.

“One thing I learned from John Maxwell is, ‘people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care,’” Sewell says. “At Sewell, we care about our employees in a way that engenders a family atmosphere; we believe that if we take care of them they will, in turn, take care of their own families and the community.

“The Sewell family, then, becomes a team of leaders—what could be better?”

Sewell proved himself when the company faced serious financial challenges in 2009, along with most businesses across the U.S, Sewell veered in a different direction than other business leaders who faced economic crunch time with systematic layoffs; he asked his staff to decide whether they wanted to keep their jobs with a cut in pay, or accept layoffs.

“We could have pursued layoffs, but it was important for us to make sure our Sewell family knew how much we cared,” he says. “The clear choices we faced were: eliminate positions or offer them an option to keep their positions but receive a pay cut; either decision was a tough one.”

Not one Sewell employee left the company, and when the country’s financial landscape improved, they were rewarded for their loyalty to Sewell with bonus checks.

“Both John Maxwell and Collin Sewell have helped shape my leadership approach, one that I work to improve every day,” Feltner says. “Their example has played an important role in my company team’s development, since it is all about teaching these skills by being the kind of leader you would want to follow yourself.”

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About Jayson Feltner:

Jayson Feltner is Vice President of Allied Equipment, the nation’s largest manufacturer of CNG storage spheres, and an up-and-coming gas treating equipment manufacturer and operator. His personal blog offers Feltner an outlet to share information and thoughts on business, productivity, faith, leadership, and occasionally on other topics he feels can be beneficial to his readers.

Feltner is married with one son, and is a member of Crossroads Fellowship where he serves as a small group leader. Feltner is committed to research and leadership study.

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