BYSTRICTIN™ Introduces Gastric Fill Technology to Promote a Dramatically Different Approach to Weight Loss

August 6, 2013

Only BYSTRICTIN™ contains Bariaxin™, a proprietary complex that utilizes groundbreaking Gastric Fill Technology and a hormone releasing agent to block hunger.

New York (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

BYSTRICTIN™, a dramatically different approach to weight loss, introduces Gastric Fill Technology (GFT) utilizing the dual-action strategy of BYSTRICTIN’s proprietary Bariaxin™ complex.

Weight loss is an integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle and the concept of calories in, calories out, is foundational to losing weight. BYSTRICTIN™ helps promote a natural approach to weight loss with Gastric Fill Technology to help individuals feel full on fewer calories.

Gastric Fill Technology is a non-surgical approach to hunger management. It utilizes a proprietary scientific process which stretches the upper part of the stomach signaling the brain that it is full. By drinking fast-activating BYSTRICTIN™, followed by a glass of water, the volumetric “super-fibers” in BYSTRICTIN™ will absorb the fluid, expand up to 50 times their size and create a filling gel in the gut that promotes the feeling of fullness.

The Bariaxin™ complex, whose key ingredients are patented and clinically studied, utilizes two distinct hunger mechanisms to help individuals feel full, eat less, and lose weight. In addition to the physical feeling of fullness through Gastric Fill Technology, Bariaxin™ also boasts a cutting-edge protein-inhibitor that helps release a “fullness hormone” so individuals feel full sooner and longer to avoid overeating.

“There are many approaches on the health and fitness market to weight loss but after testing many of those products myself, I’ve found none that promote what I found to be the “real” solution towards long-term weight loss…hunger control,” said Allen Smith, creator of BYSTRICTIN™. “The approach we take to weight loss with GFT and Bariaxin™ is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a safe and effective approach to weight loss. I felt compelled to share this unique product with the millions of Americans struggling to lose weight.”

BYSTRICTIN™ stands out from other weight loss solutions by acting as a tool for long-term weight loss that actually works. Those seeking to lose weight can finally get control over their consumption of food, because BYSTRICTIN™ helps individuals feel full, sooner and longer without the misery and deprivation of other restrictive diet programs.


BYSTRICTIN™ is the scientifically advanced solution for hunger control and weight loss without the use of invasive surgery or diet pills. Only BYSTRICTIN™ contains Bariaxin™ whose key ingredients are patented and clinically studied to help individuals feel full, eat less and lose weight. The Bariaxin™ complex takes advantage of two separate fullness mechanisms: 1) It utilizes a unique process called Gastric Fill Technology with specialized “super fibers” that expand over 50-times in size so users feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food, and 2) A cutting-edge protein-inhibitor helps trigger the release of the body’s “fullness hormone”, so individuals feel full sooner and longer.

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