The Nation’s Leading Dispensary Packaging and Supply Company is Here to Support the Recent States That Have Embraced the Legalization of Medical Marijuana.

August 15, 2013

“As more and more states begin to explore the option of legal Medical Marijuana the need for a company like A&A Packaging will be easier to see.”

Commerce, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

A&A Packaging has played a vital role in supplying a large amount of Medical Marijuana Businesses helping them keep their doors open and patients happy in states like California, Michigan, Colorado, Washington, Arizona and Oregon to name a few. A&A Packaging announced today that they will be extending their services to all newly legalized states like Maryland, New Hampshire and Illinois as well as any other states that approve the legalization of Medical Marijuana in the future.

During a press conference to announce Illinois as the 20th state to legally approve the use of Medical Marijuana governor of Illinois Pat Quinn had this to say "I feel that this is something, whatever faith we practice, we all believe that helping those who are sick, helping them recover and also helping them deal with pain, that's a tenet in every faith and every religion,". As a growing number of news reports across the globe begin to echo the same sentiment as Governor Quinn it is finally being understood that the use of Medical Marijuana in many cases is needed as an aide for patients who are suffering through severe pain. A&A Packaging understand that their customers depend on them much the same way the patients depend on these dispensaries to be open and well stocked.

Aside from offering high quality dispensary supplies and storage mediums at competitive prices A&A Packaging understands the importance of receiving your items in a timely manner and has taken the necessary steps to ensure time efficient shipping to newly legalized states like New Hampshire and Illinois. Current customers are very aware of A&A Packaging’s willingness to work with them, the company offers a price match guarantee as well as an occasional rush delivery service for local businesses who might be in immediate need.

"The Poison Prevention Packaging Act, passed by Congress in 1970 and administered by the Consumer Products Safety Commission since 1973, requires child-resistant packaging for products that present a risk of 'serious injury or illness to children under five' who may drink, eat, or handle the contents. The act applies to numerous household chemicals, cosmetics and medications, including most prescription drugs, and all 'controlled drugs,' which, by legal definition, would include marijuana and THC-containing products," the article stated.

Within the U.S many states that have legalized medical marijuana are in the process of drafting up rules to aid in the regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries and patients. In a recent article about the legalization of Medical Marijuana in New Hampshire Sen. John Reagan, a Deerfield Republican said “A lot of other states now have implemented this, so there’s somewhere to look for direction,” “We don’t have to invent the wheel. We just have to pick out the segments of the wheel that already exist to do what we want to do.”

Proper packaging for the Medical Marijuana industry has long been a major topic of concern for many states looking to legalize the use of Medical Marijuana. Aside from being a necessity for meeting state regulations investing in proper packaging can result in an increase in customer loyalty, extended product shelf life, and a better overall customer experience.

In a recent article by Dave McMichael on http://www.mmjbusinessdaily.com he says “Colorado is in the process of imposing specific packaging guidelines as a result of recent voter approval of cannabis for recreational use. Specifically, Colorado could become a “baggie-free” state, and professional packaging will be mandated.” With positive news reports like these appearing more frequently on our major news stations it certainly seems as if the “green rush” is upon us.

About A&A Packaging

A&A Packaging has grown from a small warehouse in downtown Los Angeles to a much larger distribution center in Commerce, Ca within a matter of years. Along the way they have continued to build relationships and continue to help any and all MMJ businesses with their packaging needs. As the landscape continues to change A&A Packaging is constantly looking for better ways to be able to service these new states as well as continue to provide these new dispensaries with a “one stop shop” experience. “We understand what it takes to open and maintain a successful medical marijuana business and we are willing to help out whenever the opportunity presents itself”-Brian Cohen A&A Packaging CEO. For further information about the items A&A Packaging currently carries please visit us at http://www.vialsondemand.com

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