Backpacks Weight Lifted by Core Products Lumbar Support

August 22, 2013

As children return to school this season, parents can help them ease the pain of heavy backpacks with Core Products’ Backpack Lumbar Support.

(PRWEB) August 22, 2013

While brand name backpack are promoting their latest designs to kids this fall, parents are probably more concerned about the weight they are carrying. Chiro.org recommends the backpacks not weigh more than 15 percent of the child’s body weight, in order to reduce the risk of potential muscle injury. Core Products International also offers a Backpack Lumbar Support which helps prevent backpack strain and injury by transferring weight to the hips.

According to a report on ABCActionnews.com, chiropractors and doctors have been seeing children come in to their offices suffering from back pain. While most backpacks come with two shoulder straps, not every child wears them as they are designed. Even the recent remake of “21 Jump Street” movie references how wearing the bag on one shoulder only is the “cool” way to carry it.

What can concerned parents do to help alleviate some of the potential strain on their child’s frame?

Robin Kirchner wrote in her customer review about the Backpack Lumbar Support product: “After one day of using the backpack support, my son has already noticed a difference. They did a test with his friend’s backpack that had the same books in it. They all said Jake’s felt much lighter.”

The Backpack Lumbar Support is a universal lumbar support that uses a quick adjust slide to attach to virtually any backpack. Young students can still use their favorite cartoon character backpacks; teens can use their favorite pack with all the pockets for their newest gadgets. This support easily transfers from one backpack to another, making it an economical investment in any student’s future.

Additional steps parents can take include finding bags with wider shoulder strap support, as well as an additional waist belt that further stabilizes the weight the child is carrying. The heaviest items in the bag should always go in the center, utilizing all of the compartments so that total weight is as evenly distributed as possible.

Together with these best practices, the Core Products Backpack Lumbar Support may help alleviate some of the strain heavy school bags can place on a child’s shoulders.

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