Back-to-School Time Heightens Bed Bug Awareness, EcoRaider Provides Remedy

August 29, 2013

With school and college-age students returning to classrooms these weeks, parents and administrators are on high alert for the invasion of bed bugs throughout the institutions. EcoRaider products offered by Reneotech Inc was identified as an effective and safe treatment by Rutgers Univ. study, providing remedy to get rid of bed bugs on campus.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

With grade school, secondary school and college-age students returning to classrooms these weeks, parents and administrators are on high alert for the invasion of bed bugs throughout the institutions. Just last month, for example, New York University law school responded to an increasing number of service requests relating to suspected bed bug infestations. A number of the cases were resolved without any need for treatment, but the alarm bells rang through the minds of students, staff and faculty on campus.

The problem, which has been featured in high profile magazines and newspapers across the country and has taken over web discussion groups, propelled the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to launch a portal devoted to the subject. They note that people can react to bites in a variety of ways, ranging from itchy bites to severe swelling. Even before an actual infestation, a number of individual students may also suffer sleeplessness from the anxiety of being bitten, a side effect which may be especially damaging to an academic career.

Mr. Vince Yancoskie of EcoRaider, Inc., an expert in the field and manager of the environmentally safe bed bug treatment reminded students that bed bugs travel by crawling within walls and latching onto clothing. In a college environment characterized by heavy foot traffic in apartments and dorm rooms, bedbugs have a high chance of spreading to other locations in the school. "In a school environment where clothing, books and furniture are shared on a regular basis, there is no shortage of ways the creatures can travel throughout an institution," he said.

Bedbugs hide in small crevices and pockets such as those found in mattresses, backpacks, sweaters, and jeans. One of the tiny creatures simply has to crawl into a purse, be transported to a lecture hall, and escape to reproduce and unleash an infestation of the library’s padded chairs.

Adding to the concern of students and parents alike – the latter fearing their students return home for winter break bringing bed bugs with them – traditional preventive measures to quell the spread of ordinary bugs are not applicable to bed bugs. Objects and their environments must be regularly inspected for miniscule signs of an infestation. Mattresses are covered in plastic to eliminate them as possible hiding places. In the case of an infestation on the NYU campus, a professional exterminator was called in to treat the affected area and ensure success with several follow up visits.

Manufacturers of bed bug treatments have taken note of the vast infestation and have invested heavily in finding better solutions. One issue is that since by definition, bed bugs live in close contact to human beings on which they feed, there has been concern about the safety of these sprays and powders to the environment and to people. But while the number of pesticides being offered on the market is on the rise, few are effective and the vast majority contains chemicals especially toxic to humans.

However, there are alternative solutions. A study, conducted by the entomology lab of Rutgers University, examined the effectiveness of environmentally safe products as they battled against the bed bugs. One product, EcoRaider, was found to be the most effective natural bed bug spray killer on the market. It is the only formula that has a 100% efficacy rate against bed bugs, with a 90% mortality rate within the first hour. Another study confirmed that EcoRaider’s formula was dermatologically safe for use around children and pets.

Many products aspire to get the Food and Drug Administration’s coveted GRAS compliance and EcoRaider, now found at Home Depot and other outlets has attained that designation.

Bed bugs have been a scourge for human beings for centuries. But scientists and inventors are fighting back to make sure that the main thing on a student’s mind is the next day’s exam, not the bed bug problem in the next dormitory room.






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