YouTube Proxy List Creates Dedicated YouTube-Unblocker Browser

September 12, 2013

idcloak’s launch of a free YouTube proxy list allows users to create a reserve browser for unblocking YouTube videos when access to the site is restricted.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

idcloak releases a free YouTube proxy list which the firm says will change the way users unblock YouTube videos they find unavailable in their country or on their network.

Unlike traditional YouTube proxy websites, the proxy list allows a user to create a secondary browser on their device which automatically connects to the country of their choice. Whether YouTube.com is blocked in its entirety or an individual video is georestricted, a proxy-configured browser can access the pages without issue.

The fact this system also works on Android’s Opera Mobile Classic, where proxy sites tend to fail, is another tick in the benefit box for this technology.

idcloak’s Robin Welles explains the ins and outs of selecting a proxy for YouTube unblocking, “First the user must select a server country from the list's filter menu. If they are based in a highly-censored country where YouTube.com is wholly blocked, the best choice would be a low HTTPS proxy in a neighboring country where the site is open – the encryption ensures discretion and close proximity of the server improves speed.

“In cases where a particular video is georestricted by the uploader, however, the user should pick a medium or high-anonymity proxy in the States. Nearly all videos are accessible from a US internet connection which a US proxy will provide.

“Any videos that are not available from the US will likely be accessible in the country of the uploader, which is also no problem. Our list offers proxies in almost every country.”

The matter of configuring the browser to connect to the proxy is straightforward, “The browser’s network settings contain a field for an HTTP proxy’s IP address and port number. Our proxy list FAQ’s page offers a walk-through for different browser types.”

idcloak Technologies is a Dallas-based developer of internet rerouting technologies. Its goal is to foster freedom, privacy and security on the worldwide internet.

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