YourGreenNews.org to Provide New Insight on Natural, Organic Beauty and Skin Care Products

September 12, 2013

YourGreenNews.org launches its new blog to provide free guidance and advice on skin care and beauty products at a time when consumers feel government agencies, such as the FDA, are not adequately protecting them.

Greenwich, CT (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

YourGreenNews.org is responding to the exponentially growing demand on the part of people around the world for access to free, reliable and transparent data that can help them evaluate the safety and efficacy of personal care products.

In a world where consumers are more and more critical of government sources and their ability to effectively prevent manufacturers from using potentially harmful ingredients, the blog will provide free, unbiased research on topics ranging from pros and cons of using natural and organic ingredients in beauty products, to whether vegan certified cosmetics make sense.

“To protect consumers, regulators rely on obsolete and generic pieces of legislation, specifically the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act,” says Luca Avellini, founder of http://www.YourGreenNews.org. “At the same time, manufacturers are treating all of us as people with a zero IQ by bombarding us with the same one sided type of communications they have been using for decades, and that almost never provide useful, meaningful information. Whether they’re trying to sell us a car or makeup, or hair products, they always say the same things.”

While there is a number of websites already operating in this space, what sets YourGreenNews.org apart is their commitment to applying the same type of scientific research approach that is normally used in the academic world. “We have no bias; we begin the analysis with no opinion on whether an ingredient or product is good or bad. We just want to find out,” says Mr. Avellini. “To know that parabens are dangerous is not enough. Think about this: are fruit extracts good or bad for your skin? This is not a yes or no answer. There is so much more consumers need to be aware of. This is what YourGreenNews.org is set to offer.”

YourGreenNews.org does not provide individual product review and it does not offer solutions consumers should accept with their eyes closed. The goal is to promote an open discussion and give everyone free tools to help them make their own best decisions, according to their unique, specific needs.

YourGreenNews.org was born when its founder, Luca Avellini, was reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel, The Idiot. There, he found the quote: “Beauty will save the world”, which prompted him to start getting involved in studying and distributing natural and organic cosmetics. When he discovered that it only takes about twenty-six seconds for what we put on our skin to enter the bloodstream, he felt compelled to educate anyone willing to listen about the importance of researching the ingredients we use in our daily personal care.

To find out more, please visit http://www.YourGreenNews.org.

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