Vialsondemand.com Comments on the Importance of New Jersey’s 357,000 Dollar Loan to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

September 26, 2013

A&A Packaging acknowledges the growing importance of medical marijuana for patient health and offers the best quality products to all dispensary owners.

Commerce, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

In a move that is underscoring Chris Christie's changing position on Medical Marijuana, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority has approved a $357,000 loan for a medical marijuana dispensary that seeks to open its doors this October. According to Bill Thomas – CEO of the Compassionate Care Foundation – the money will be used to buy medical marijuana dispensary supplies, necessary equipment, and cultivation of the medicine.

A company spokesman for A&A Packaging is excited that the state of New Jersey is recognizing the benefits of medical marijuana and willing to invest in its dispensation. "For countless patients in New Jersey who have legally been prescribed this medicine, this will be a relief of their painful and debilitating conditions. This is a great day for public health." This news comes as no surprise as there has been a recent surge in medical marijuana legalization after states like Colorado have announced the legalization of recreational marijuana for the upcoming 2014 year.

The Medical Marijuana industry is growing along with its increasing acceptance as legitimate treatment for conditions including cancer, chronic pain, and PTSD. At last count, 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use. Although it is still categorized as a Schedule I drug by the Federal Government, many other Schedule I drugs, such as opiates, are also available with a doctor's prescription in all 50 states.

A big push for medical marijuana legalization has been because it is considered a safer alternative to opiates, which are both notoriously addictive and have a high degree of danger when it comes to accidental overdose. Proponents of medical marijuana use have pointed out its myriad benefits in relation to other prescription drugs, but it has taken a state-by-state nationwide campaign to educate residents about these benefits and fight the misconceptions that surround medical cannabis.

Despite the misconceptions surrounding medical marijuana use, there is an ever-rising awareness of its benefits that has led two western states to decriminalize its use entirely. A company spokesperson for A&A Packaging sees this as an encouraging sign: "The important thing is for patients that need this medicine to have access to it." He said "Critics often assume that medical cannabis is dangerous or will only be bought by those seeking it for recreational use. The reality is that legal prescription drugs can have much more serious side effects and many have very high rates of off label use and outright abuse." He is especially surprised that so many people believe that marijuana is a drug that is a danger for overdoses. "If you ask any doctor working in an emergency room, they will be quick to tell you that prescription meds such as opiates and sedatives are the leading cause of overdose. Medical marijuana poses virtually no overdose risk to patients and is safer than many of the most common treatments for chronic pain."

A&A Packaging is California-based business that specializes in storage containers and products for both patients and medical marijuana businesses. They offer different packaging mediums from pharmaceutical grade plastic, to durable acrylic and glass items meant to keep the patients medicine fresh and safe. Aside from ensuring the patient is receiving their medication properly packaged A&A also focuses on the business aspect by continually adding new items to their collection of accessories. Many successful dispensaries are known for the giveaways they sponsor and that is one of the main reasons why A&A packaging boasts a one stop shop for all medical marijuana dispensary needs. So not only does A&A have all the proper marijuana packaging to stay compliant with state regulations but they also carry the retail items that keep the customers coming back. They are committed to the cause of patients suffering from conditions that medical marijuana can help treat but they also understand that just like the pharmaceutical industry is a business so too is the growing medical marijuana industry.

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