Are Most Sexually Dominant Men Abusive? “YES!” Says the Author of this New BDSM Novel, Mastery 101: The Manual

October 1, 2013

"An intensely erotic sexual fantasy, which is told without vulgarity."

BOSTON, MA (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

For most of his adult life, Jud Ormond, PhD, has been talking to submissive women (women with an innate need to give up control in intimate relationships) about every aspect of their lives. For the past 17 years, the Internet has allowed these discussions to go wider geographically and more deeply psychologically than ever before. As a Dom, himself, he has been in intimate Dom/Sub relationships with a number of submissive women. All of this contact with submissive women has permitted him to gain a tremendous understanding of these women and their lives. The most important thing that Dr. Ormond has learned from these conversations is that most Doms are abusive. “Domination” and “abusiveness” are not synonymous, he says.

Mastery 101: The Manual, published as an eBook and available in all eReader formats on October 1, is Jud Ormond's first novel. The book can be downloaded from all the usual sources, priced at $7.99. The first 20% of the book can be downloaded free. The story is a slice in the life of a fictional psychotherapist who specializes in helping submissive women get the most out of life. He does so in his own unique way, making the story an intensely erotic sexual fantasy, which is told without vulgarity.

Dr. Robert Phillips has dedicated his career as a psychotherapist, or “counsellor to women” as he calls himself, helping sexually submissive women achieve their full potential. Over the years he had learned that submissiveness—the innate intense need to give up control in intimate relationships—is, like left-handedness or homosexuality, a personality trait with which a woman either is born or she isn’t. Rob also understands that such women often try to suppress it. In so doing, he knows that they miss out on one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature has to offer. It has been his mission to help his submissive clients learn to celebrate this gift and to make the most of it in loving relationships.

Jud Ormond began writing erotica more than 30 years ago, but only recently began to publish his work. Born in 1944 in western Massachusetts, he attended public schools and was very active in instrumental music. Earning both his bachelor’s degree and doctorate in management from one of the leading universities in the US, he has been a management scientist, manager and entrepreneur, co-founding businesses in both the technology and visual arts markets. He now devotes his time to performing music, assisting in the management of this wind ensemble, and writing. Jud Ormond is a pen name; in several of the worlds that he inhabits, adding “writer of erotic fiction” to his resume would likely raise eyebrows and not be a net plus.

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